American Atrocities Against Children– Children, for Christ’s Sake

American Atrocities Against Children– Children, for Christ’s Sake August 10, 2018

On behalf of the people of the Unites States of America, tax dollars are paying government employees to commit atrocities against children.

How do you feel about that?

A Trump policy intentionally implemented to be as painful as possible to the victims, separated 2,551 children from their parents at the U.S. border. The parents of 410 children were deported without their children– more than the number of airline passengers killed on 9-11. An additional 162 children remain separated from their families— more than the number of fatalities at the Pentagon on 9-11. Consider it, hundreds of families, destroyed by the U.S. government. On purpose.

Let that sink in… hundreds of families ripped apart, and then hundreds more. Children are suffering, and government officials are inflicting atrocities intentionally.

If your response includes questioning the definition of atrocities, then you’ve already decided you’re okay with the government abusing children. Some excuse the atrocities by claiming the children and adults aren’t related. But children are still suffering, and the government is assisting.

I could quote scripture and verse concerning the Biblical admonishment to treat children and strangers kindly. But it’s increasingly clear that your tolerance for governmental abuse of children greatly impacts your interpretation of scripture. Children are suffering, and you’re able to find some reason to justify or excuse it.

If your theology or political persuasion allows you to accept government abuse of children, it’s possible you’re little more than an amoral sociopath twisting religion to justify your prejudice.

God is love.

Jesus is love.

If your faith doesn’t lead you here, you’re not following the path of Jesus.

But the bigots in the White House can only be blamed but so much. Trump policies are being implemented by career federal agents.

They are ripping families apart and abusing children because they want to do it.

Have I missed the articles about mass resignations and protests among employees of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement? Of the Department of Homeland Security? The Department of State or the Department of Justice? Far from it.

Matthew Albence performs the duties of the acting deputy director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, in July he told a Senate hearing that the detention centers are like “summer camp.”

According to the AP:

At one point, Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, asked witnesses whether they would want their children to stay in one of the government’s family detention centers.

“I think we’re missing the point,” answered Albence. “These individuals are there because they have broken a law.”

I think as a career federal law enforcement officer, Albence should understand due process and know the difference between adults convicted and sentenced to jail and children being held in detention centers. The dignity and rights of children and their families have been trampled by government employees who like doing it.

People go into law enforcement to enforce laws. They aren’t there to be social workers or civil rights activists, or to demand justice for the accused.

And many law enforcement officers are just moments away from committing atrocities as they claim to enforce the law.

Atrocities in the name of the law are still atrocities.

In the same Senate hearing, Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy observed that Chuck E. Cheese restaurants have procedures that match children and parents.

Chuck E. Cheese can keep track of parents and children better than the United States government. The government had no intention of reuniting families. Federal employees lied to children, lied to parents and violated decency, morality and probably the law.

Really bad policies are being enforced by really bad people who had their jobs before Trump took office, and they will be there after he’s driven out of town.

Violent people do violent things — that’s how we know they are violent. Amoral people do amoral things, like take infant children from their parents, separate them by hundreds of miles, lie to them, and then fly the parents out of the county. And Trump calls the immigrants “animals.”

Did anyone who participated in the separation of 2,551 children from their families ever repudiate it publicly?

Atrocities are being committed by the U.S. government against children. Children. In other times, in other countries, this would be considered crimes against humanity. A policy conceived by the racists in the White House, but carried out by complicit career federal employees.

Republican mainstream Christians have long claimed to be the party of family values. But they prove who they truly are and highlight their moral bankruptcy when they ignore this suffering inflicted by the government.


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  • alwayspuzzled

    When the goal is to Make America White Again, all means are justified. The good news is that old white people are old.

  • Mr. James Parson

    “How do you feel about that?
    A Trump policy intentionally implemented to be as painful as possible to the victims, separated 2,551 children from their parents at the U.S. border.”

    I look at the Evangelicals supporting Trump (again)
    I look at the GOP supporting Trump (again)
    I see Progressive Christian complaining and doing nothing (again)
    I looks the Dems, and being mostly silent
    90% of elected politicians are going to get reelected
    I look at the thousands in Puerto Rico who have died
    I look at the wars that have going on for decades.

    I look at all this, and say to myself. this is who we are. We once aspired to be something better, but now we don’t.

  • Mr. James Parson

    Some of their grandkids are probably mixed race too.