Guns are the Choice of Cowardly Christians

Guns are the Choice of Cowardly Christians October 30, 2018

Some Christians are cowards.

Fearful cowards.

What else explains their belief that guns are ever a Christian choice?

Plenty of churches have no problem with guns, with violence, with the idea of ‘defending’ others with violence.

If a congregation believes it needs to be defended by armed guards, it has lost the point of the Gospels.

Some will say killing is justified if it is done to defend others. This is the “just war” philosophy.

Many Christians say that guns and violence were needed to defeat the Nazis. But Nazi Germany was a failure of Christians. If German Christians had better lived the lesson of Jesus, the Nazi party would never have taken power. If Christians in Germany had refused to take up weapons, there would have been no Nazi and no need to stop them.

What about other countries, or terrorists, who resort to violence? How do Christian societies respond to their violence, you may ask.

In all of history, no war, no conflict, no disagreement, no argument ends with a final gunshot. Wars finally end at the table of peace negotiations. A fight can’t occur if one side refuses to fight. Rather than act violently, if the needs or interests of violent actors are addressed, it reduces their need for violence. If access to weapons of war are restricted, then the chances of violence are reduced even further. If Christians lived the teaching of Jesus, there would be less suffering, less hunger, less scarcity, less want; fewer reasons for violent people to be violent

Guns are the ultimate form of violence, and violence is the ultimate failure. Christians believing guns are the right answer is the ultimate failure of Christianity.

If Christians have Jesus, why do they need guns?
If Christians have guns, do they really have Jesus?

Violence isn’t the teaching of Jesus, it’s the exact opposite of the teaching of Jesus. If someone strikes us, Jesus didn’t say defend ourselves.

In Christ’s example, there is no room for violence. Christ could have responded with violence, he could have defended himself. And he did not. For hundreds of years, followers of Christ followed his example and died, rather than defend themselves.

Nowhere in scripture does Jesus suggest killing or hurting anyone.

Some misunderstand Jesus when he says, “do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” (Matt 10:34) This is metaphorical, not literal. It represents the people who are separated from others because they follow Jesus.

In Luke, Jesus tells his disciples to buy a sword. But he doesn’t tell them to use it. He explains why they need a sword, “for I tell you that this Scripture must be fulfilled in Me: ‘And He was numbered with the transgressors.’” (Luke 22:37) They need a sword among the group so that they are transgressors, and a threat to the government. The sword wasn’t needed to defend themselves.

In the only Biblical example of a Jesus follower acting violently, Jesus stops him. When Peter cuts off the ear of a Roman, Jesus heals the wounded man and tells Peter, “put your sword back in its place, for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.” (Matt 26:52)

“In disarming Peter, Christ disarms all Christians.” — Tertullian (160-220 CE)

Jesus tells us to not respond to evil with evil. To turn the other cheek. To love our enemies. In fact, Jesus tells us to love everyone.

Why do people carry guns? Because they are afraid they will be confronted by someone else with a gun. And they surrender to fear.

It’s fearful and irrational to believe that guns are a Christian response. What’s Jesus’ response? To fight back, or to allow himself to be hit again? Do we curse those who attack us, or pray for them? Do we pull out a weapon, or do we love them like God loves us?

Jesus tells us to not be afraid.

More than 300 times, scripture says to not be afraid.

You can’t shoot people while you’re following Jesus. It just doesn’t work that way. Scripture is clear. Jesus is clear. The life and example of Jesus are crystal clear.


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  • GDunn

    But…would you allow your sons and daughters to be given up, as sheep to the slaughter, as you do yourself?

    2) So then, say your wife and children all vow the same non-violent vow…these are children of age, correct?
    3) Did Jesus say to sacrifice your own as well as your own life?
    4) How far exactly are you willing to personally suffer before self-defense comes into play? Are we actually strong
    enough to be saints in the martyrdom sense or not?

  • Tammy Mills Hanley

    Even reading this is terrifying because it is TRUE and because I was raised to believe the opposite (that the 2nd amendment is holy as Scripture). Even though I don’t own a gun what you suggest wreaks havoc on my little inner southerner because it is TRUE. It is so much more courageous to live by TRUTH than to believe that a weapon gives you security.

  • Jonathan M

    There are alot of things you could say don’t follow Jesus’s teaching, but I think you’re only picking the ones you have a political agenda with. For example you say Guns are against what Jesus taught, yet he never said don’t use guns, but I can see your point. Can we also agree abortion falls in that category too and even though Jesus never mentioned the word abortion we can conclude that it goes against Jesus’s teachings.

  • Scott Cowen

    Well if you truly believe God is a trinity of the father, the son, and the spirit then Jesus told his kingdom many time to commit genocide to take the land that was promised to them. It is a grave duty of Christian’s yo defend the innocent and if someone brings a gun to injure the innocent then a gun is the only recourse to combat that gun. Many people want power not peace and will use whatever means they see fit to bring that to fruition. Just look at the invasion of europe right now these soldiers that have been and are being sent to invade will not stay this civil forever. Islam is a religion of scorched earth.

  • Rudy Schellekens

    SUch a sad way of reasoning. Jesus had an interaction with a Roman officer. Note the officer was nopt told to find a different job. He even tells his listeners to do more than the demand… go two miles, and do it cheerfully!
    Roman soldiers are told take more than their due. Not to quit being soldiers. Peter has a meeting with a Roman officer, and tells him many things – but obviously none of those things were to desert.
    Paul speaks of the “sword bearing” of those in authority. He even states that there is a reason for the sword-bearing. Later, Peter, too, gives us statements about “fearing authority” when you have broken law.
    Can a Christian be a soldier? A police officer? Obviously, Jesus and the apostles had no issue with that.
    People use guns to hunt, to be involved in sports. And yes, a MINISCULE percentage use guns for violence. And no matter how strict gun laws are, they will slow down violence – but not prevent it.
    Yes, I too wonder why one would need a fully automatic rifle. But then, I also wonder why people smoke. Or get drunk and drive. Or why marijuana is now legal in more and more locations. Or why abortion for any reason is something people argue for. We kill more humans in this country by abortion than die of gun violence. I’ll argue against the 2nd amendment the moment abortion for reasons of convenience get banned…

  • Betsy Brandt

    I have heard this argument before–that abortion kills more lives than gun violence–and it is a gutless “either-or” argument. If our mission as Christians is to save souls–period!–then why would we be for one and against the other. Both kill! It is And/Both folks, we should not be a proponent of either. Being a responsible gun owner with common sense regulations is not mutually exclusive! As Christians we should be FOR this because it will save lives and souls.

    We need only listen to our kids who are afraid to go to school, this is something new. People gathered in churches/synagogues afraid. Concert goers afraid. I could go on, wreckless gun violence is increasing and evolving with newest technology.

    Lastly, Jesus would not distinguish between souls, whether they are unborn or 90 years old. This I believe!

  • Brandon Roberts

    i don’t think having guns by itself is cowardly.