Christmas 2018 and It’s a Wonderful Life

Christmas 2018 and It’s a Wonderful Life December 24, 2018

Most of us live in Bedford Falls, where our lives are filled with hard working and good hearted people. We’re friendly and affable and we look out for others. Immigrants get opportunities to work hard, and become part of our communities. Poor people and those down on their luck get help to make their lives better.

In Bedford Falls, United States, we’re all in this together. We sign songs and wish each other Merry Christmas. We celebrate the accomplishments of our friends and neighbors. We look out for others, and we help strangers.

When people are afraid and the economy crashes — when there’s a run on the bank and the savings and loan, we don’t exploit fears, we seek to calm the situation, and do what’s best for everyone.

In Bedford Falls, we are all eager to help others.

But not everyone is happy in Bedford Falls.

An angry, bitter millionaire is alone on Christmas Eve.

The culmination of a lifetime devoted to greed and selfishness, he has nothing be angry about and yet anger is all he has.

In the grand scheme of things, he’s nothing more than a scurvy little spider.

He befouls everything he touches, resentment coursing through his cold heart like poison.

Alone in his mansion, Mr. Potter has no empathy, no compassion, and no way to feel the joy of Christmas. He steals from others, even his own charity.

Not everyone lives in Bedford Falls.

Some people choose to live in Pottersville, where Mr. Potter exploits and oppresses them. Like the angry millionaire, they are hopeless, living in fear.

This Christmas Season, who are you most like?

Mr. Potter, an angry millionaire, isolated and alone in his gilded mansion?

Or the unsung heroes?

Heroes in life aren’t angry, bitter old men.

Heroes are those who help others, who give selflessly. Who feel and spread joy and happiness.

It is a wonderful life.

Don’t let angry millionaires tell you otherwise.

It is a wonderful life.

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