Help Wanted at the International Mission Board

Help Wanted at the International Mission Board May 18, 2020

The International Mission Board has been looking for a marketing director. At $115,000 minimum annual salary, one shouldn’t be too hard to find.

I live near the IMB world headquarters and with more than 25 years of communications experience, I could be a viable candidate for the job.

As an award-winning public relations professional, I’ve worked for local, state and national organizations.

I know social media – I created and manage a Christian Facebook page that has more than 27,500 followers and astonishing engagement rates.

I hold a Master of Divinity degree and I was the pastor of a church for a few years.

Like everyone in leadership at the IMB, I’m a white male.

The problem is the IMB represents the Southern Baptist Convention.

The SBC believes that women can’t hold positions of authority over men, including preaching from the pulpit.

I believe women are created in the image of God, and because there is neither male nor female in the eyes of God, all should be treated equally.

The SBC claims it holds to the word of God as well as to tradition when it excludes women. But it does so by denying Baptist history. Women preachers like Martha Stearns Marshall and Helen Barrett Montgomery, for example, are important Baptist figures.

The SBC believes God’s grace doesn’t extend to gays and lesbians and that they aren’t equal to heterosexual males.

For many years, the SBC believed black people weren’t equal to white people. The SBC was wrong about black people then and it’s wrong about gay people and women preachers today.

Bigotry isn’t Biblical.

Sexism isn’t scriptural.

Discrimination is not of God.

I believe any job that requires discrimination against women and gays as a condition of employment isn’t a job worth having. I wish IMB good luck in their recruitment process.

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