Trump is an anti-Christ fool: Don’t Get Distracted

Trump is an anti-Christ fool: Don’t Get Distracted June 3, 2020

President Trump’s pointless political posturing with a Bible in front of a church is an intentional distraction.

The gesture was as spiritually and emotionally dead as Trump, but it managed to distract people from the truth: Trump is an incompetent fool and as a result thousands of people have died needlessly from COVID-19.

Protestors were violently and illegally dispersed with tear gas and riot police before his empty display of a book he’s never read.

Rightfully, good Christians have denounced Trump’s behavior. Some others are fooled by his reality show theatrics and his Fascist histrionics and believe his nonsense.

Either way, this is time and energy dedicated to discussing Trump’s actions and not time focused on his growing list of failures.

Life in the United States is horrifically worse today than it was six months ago.

By every possible measure, the Trump administration has been a catastrophic failure.

People are suffering.

In the past six months, more people died from Covid-19 than in the entire Vietnam War. How many more deaths in the next six months?

How horrible can the United States become? How many tens of thousands will needlessly die?

How many millions more can lose their jobs?

How bad can it possibly get before election day?

Mainstream media and good Christians have been distracted from the global pandemic to focus not on rampant police brutality, but on the president standing silently holding a Bible upside down like the illiterate fool he is.

People are dying and suffering and it will get worse.

Christians must remain focused on people across the country who are lined up at food pantries, who can’t pay their bills, who are frightened about the future and who are sick and tired of the racism and bigotry of the United States. Christians need to remain focused on being the presence of Christ in the world, and ignore the actions of an anti-Christ fool.

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