Faith on the Field of Dreams

Faith on the Field of Dreams July 28, 2020

In the movie Field of Dreams, Ray, his wife and daughter, and Terrance Mann can all see the baseball players.

Outsiders can’t see the men on the field so it looks like they are sitting around an empty field, watching nothing.

But to those who can see, it’s wonderful watching old players play.

That’s what faith is.

For non-believers, for those without faith, church looks like people sitting around praying to a non-existent God.

But some of us can see the players. We can feel the living God. We see God working and moving in our lives.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world, for thousands and thousands of years, have all been in contact with the same God. We can all see the baseball players. Just because some can’t see them, doesn’t mean the players aren’t there.

When we open our hearts and minds, and listen for God, when we go the distance and be receptive, God can become known to us.

God. Not coincidence, or chance or luck, but the Creator of the world.

If we stop thinking long enough to listen for the voice of God, you may see the ballplayers, too.

Jim Meisner, Jr. is the author of the novel Faith, Hope, and Baseball, available on Amazon, or follow this link to order an autographed copy.

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