The Racist Next Door

The Racist Next Door September 6, 2020

You pull into your driveway to see that the neighbors you don’t know very well have put a Trump campaign sign in their front yard.

You have racists next door.

Because at this time, after well-known Republicans have taken a stand for country and decency over party and bigotry, the only reason left to support Trump is racism.

The end result doesn’t matter – tax cuts; the appointment of conservative, activist judges to ignore 50 years of precedent and strike down Roe v. Wade; and what-ever fantasies about Democrats Republicans may have – at the end of the day, Donald Trump is a racist bigot.

No matter what Trump is, his racist bigotry is by far the worst. Worse than name calling, worse than funneling millions in campaign donations into his own pocket, even worse than the money the Trump family scams from American taxpayers, when the president is racist, it reflects badly on the entire country. When the president is a racist bigot, it gives permission for racist to justify and excuse their own racism.

In his latest defense of White Supremacy, Trump is shutting down antiracism, diversity training for federal employees because such training is a ‘sickness.”

To oppose diversity training is to support the white supremacy status quo.

By pitting black against white, rich white men like Trump further their own economic domination of all races, just as his racist father did.

By focusing on the different race of their neighbors, poor whites are manipulated to defend their wealthy exploiters.

And people suffer. People of color suffer in un-Christian systems designed to empower rich, white people and marginalize minorities.

Suffering people tell us that they are suffering, and the more racist you are the less likely you are to acknowledge their suffering.

Minorities are demanding a place at the table, to be treated equitably, and the President of the United States thinks it’s a “sickness,” that must be “extinguished.”

If you put a sign in your yard, a sticker on your car, or cast a vote for a racist, you’re probably a racist, too. Because your support for the racist is more important to you than the suffering caused by the racism.

So, what do we do with the racist next door, or across the dinner table at Thanksgiving, or at work?

It’s difficult for me to extend grace to racists.

Unrepentant bigots shouldn’t be allowed to continue in their bigotry. They need to be called out and held accountable. People who remain committed to racism or supporting racists need to be shunned. Marginalized. Cast out from polite, respectable society.

Because there is no place in modern society for racists.

It’s time to make a different world.


Jim Meisner, Jr. is the author of Soar to Success the Wright Way, a motivational history book about the Wright brothers and the novel Faith, Hope, and Baseball.

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