2021 Has Begun With the Unimaginable

2021 Has Begun With the Unimaginable January 7, 2021

So much happened in 2020 that we couldn’t imagine. The virus and the hundreds of thousands of deaths. The economy is in shambles. We’re afraid to be around others – strangers and family, for fear we might transmit or get Covid.

2020 was a hard, difficult year.

Surely, 2021 would be better, right?

On January 6, not even a week into the new year, a mob stormed the United States Capitol building.

People died. Other were hurt. Property was damaged. Dozens of people were arrested.

2020 was unimaginable.

2021 has begun with the unimaginable.

“Do not be afraid.”

We follow the Prince of Peace. Our allegiance isn’t to a flag or even a country.

Ultimately, our allegiance is to Jesus Christ, the son of God Almighty.

We are citizens of God’s Kingdom, first.

Because we are citizens of God’s Kingdom, we have hope.

Hold fast to the hope that Jesus offers.

Be still, and know that God is God.

Christ is with us. The Holy Spirit walks with us.

When we hear about riots and deaths, when Democratic institutions are literally under attack, try to slow down, and remember that Christ is with us.

Christ is with us.

Christ is with you.

No matter how bad the news gets, no matter what happens, the Holy Spirit is with you.

Remember, Christ is with you.

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