Midnight Mass— a mini review

Midnight Mass— a mini review October 11, 2021

According to IMDB, the series Midnight Mass is where “an isolated island community experiences miraculous events – and frightening omens – after the arrival of a charismatic, mysterious young priest.”

Until the last minutes of the second of seven one-hour episodes, neither miraculous events nor frightening omens occurred.

The first two hours were filled with Catholic mass and talk of God. Islamic prayer, AA meetings and deep, spiritual questions of freewill.

I write this while watching episode three.

Episode two included a good explanation of the season of Lent, and a long and theologically sound sermon during Catholic mass.

I’m certain some conservative, cultural-Christians were offended by the series, because it’s not exactly their version of Christianity.

But it is refreshing to see God being discussed in honest ways.

Episode three explains the beliefs of Muslims and grapples with the idea of forgiveness.

This is a horror series, but more than a third of it is people talking about God.

Later episodes will probably offer what horror fans love – vampires, demons and all sorts of undead horror. Pointedly unchristian ideas.

The first episodes offered candid, honest talk about God, found in a horror story that wasn’t scary.


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