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I’m glad that you’re here, and you’re welcome to participate in the dialogue on the site. However, please be forewarned:

If you’ve come here to troll or hate, you will be banned from the site without warning. Dissenting opinions are welcome, but if it is clear that you are just here to be an overall pain to the rest of the online community, you’ll be banned without warning. Comments that are insulting, demoralizing, etc., may result in a ban.

This community also has a significant atheist following. However, if you are simply an “anti-theist” and have come here to mock religion or people of religion, you will be banned. Same goes for fundamentalists who just want to mock emergents/progressives, etc. Basically, if you’re just here to mock people without a substantive contribution, you’ll be banned.

Comments with unnecessary profanity will automatically be deleted.

General comments which I feel are contrary to dialogue and good taste, will be deleted.

If your comment is longer than the article you’re replying to, it might be a good idea to just withhold the comment and go start your own blog. Obnoxiously long rebuttals may be deleted.

The goal of this blog is to have worthwhile discussions with a diverse audience of various viewpoints and I don’t ban someone lightly, but will do so in order to keep the online community safe for others. You are welcome to participate so long as you’re not being obnoxious.