March 30, 2016

New Dimensions’ guest, Susan Moon, tells the story of her mother’s circle of women friends. They called themselves “Mothers of Daughters” and would meet each time a daughter came to visit from far away. Although their hands were shaking and many used walkers to help them get around, they had each lived vibrant and interesting lives. So often we are quick to dismiss our elders. We can be impatient with them as they amble slowly down the grocery store aisles blocking... Read more

March 23, 2016

The traffic is moderately heavy as I take the 20-minute drive down Highway 101 from Santa Rosa to the New Dimensions recording studio in Petaluma. I am looking forward to meeting Ralph White, the cofounder of New York’s Open Center and one who has been “on the path of awakening” for over three decades. I’m listening to a book on my iPhone. My most favorite genre is historical fiction, and today I’m nearing the end of Ken Follette’s Edge of... Read more

March 16, 2016

Tom had a prize-winning goat he called Sadie. Apparently she gave the finest milk in abundance. Another farmer got wind of this and asked Tom if he could borrow her for a time. It was agreed that Sadie would make a guest appearance at the other dairy farm. A young milker who had worked at several dairies in the area was pleased to see his old friend Sadie once more, and she lived up to her reputation by giving a... Read more

March 9, 2016

Our attention is most often captivated by what comes straight at us in our life: those big changes that come rumbling down the highway like a Mac truck pulling a full load. For this blog, I’m more attracted to those smaller events that, when strung together like holiday lights, light up my life. I’m reminded of the words of a dear friend, author, and superb storyteller, Phil Cousineau, who quotes the Irish novelist William Trevor, reminding us to pay attention... Read more

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