Why Skin Care Routines Are Becoming a Spiritual Practice

Why Skin Care Routines Are Becoming a Spiritual Practice February 27, 2024

skin care
skin care
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Incorporating spirituality into skin care routines can help create a fulfilling life. It can be easy to see how painting or playing an instrument connects you to your inner self, but skin care is another story. 

In reality, turning skin care routines into a spiritual practice is a healthy investment into your sense of self.

Why Skin Care Is a Spiritual Practice

People care for their skin for various reasons, revealing why making skin care routines spiritual is essential.

1. Perspective

Some people fixate on the look and feel of their skin, which can lead to splurging on various procedures and products. You may also be unable to focus on anything else because your skin is all you can think about.

Stop looking at skin care as a means to fix something. Focusing too much on your routine can easily overtake your life. Shift gears and consider other matters, such as your plans for the evening.

2. Emotional Wellness

Skin troubles can do more than just pull you out of experiencing life. A study found that patients with dermatological disorders have lower levels of self-esteem than others. Insecurities appear when viewing these conditions and comparing them to other people.

Developing negative feelings about your pores and skin texture can be excruciating. Skin care routines can serve as a confidence booster for your spirit. They can empower you and increase your confidence. 

3. Self-Care and Quality of Life

Sometimes, people need to take a break. A skin care routine can be an excellent self-care activity each night. Cleansers, toners, serums and moisturizers remove dirt from your skin and let it breathe. Plus, it’s soothing to have a routine to rely on throughout the unpredictability of life.

Making Skin Care Routines More Spiritual

Specific tools and practices can give your skin care regimen more profound meaning. 

1. Meditate and Journal 

Think about your relationship with your skin. Before shifting your mindset about skin care, you must understand how it ties into your self-worth. For starters, consider why you’re comparing yourself to others.

Another point to ponder would be the monetary value of your skin care. Being beautiful can be financially taxing. Are you stretching yourself too thin for the sake of vanity? How do you feel about your spending?

As you meditate and dive into these thoughts, write them down in a journal. That way, you can reflect on these discoveries further. These entries can also serve as a basis for self-improvement.

2. Review Your Products

Part of spirituality is getting in touch with nature. This comes as the effects of climate change start to become more prominent. About 64% of American adults believe reducing its impact is a top priority. Your skin care products are an excellent place to start.

Look for products with recyclable packaging and sustainable manufacturing. They should include organic and nontoxic ingredients as well. Cruelty-free items are also good to add to the list.

3. Consider Your Habits

A spiritual skin care routine should go beyond what you put on your face and body. For instance, about 50 million Americans deal with acne. It can sometimes be caused by using dirty washcloths or having imbalanced diets.

Consider your habits and see what you can fix. For instance, regularly clean your towels to take care of your skin. You can also evaluate your eating and consider what to add and subtract from your meals.

4. Try a Crystal Face Massage

Crystal face massage tools can be great for the skin since they can eliminate puffiness by fixing the blood flow. Crystals remove negative energy from your physical and emotional self. Here are some stones to consider:

  • Rose quartz: Rose quartz symbolizes unconditional love and trust. Use this to create compassion and manifest inner healing for your skin.
  • Jade: Jade encompasses being down-to-earth and serene. This crystal is ideal to promote luck, balance and growth for your skin.
  • Obsidian: Obsidian embodies being grounded. Utilize this stone for facial massage to release tension and protect your skin’s well-being.

5. Use Aromatherapy

Skin care routines should also showcase love and attention. Create a sensory experience by lighting a scented candle as you wash your face. Breathing in the delightful aroma will soothe and relax you for the night.

Using essential oil is another way to incorporate aromatherapy into skin care. Add a few drops of citrus or lavender to your bath. You can also scatter rose petals for good measure. Treat your skin and your spirit at the same time.

6. Try Mindful Application

Some people conduct their skincare routines on autopilot. Become present by practicing mindful application. Look into the mirror and feel the texture of your skin care products. You can also try deep breathing exercises.

Conduct a body scan when applying lotion to your arms and legs. Ask yourself how your body feels and see whether you’re holding on to excess tension or harboring pain. Give yourself some time to stretch things out if so.

7. Practice Self-Affirmations

After nurturing your skin, practice making and saying self-affirmations. It does not need to be overly complicated or generic. The key is to think about phrases that align with what you believe or desire to manifest for yourself.

“This is about accurately and authentically encouraging yourself or using words of encouragement or acknowledgment that are consistent with your truth,” says clinical psychologist Natalie Dattilo.

Here are some examples to try out:

  • I accept my skin and understand it is a part of me. I get to experience all kinds of sensations and I am grateful for it.
  • My skin is with me through thick and thin. Whether clear or with wrinkles, I will care for my skin as best as possible.
  • I do not need to compare my skin to other people’s. It is unique, it is beautiful and it is mine.

Improve Your Skin Care and Spirituality

Skin care routines becoming spiritual practices is a natural progression. Recognizing there’s more to you than your appearance can be rewarding. Follow these tips to find a deeper meaning to these facets of your self-care.

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