Acts 03: A Field Guide for Overthrowing Empire and Oppression

Acts 03: A Field Guide for Overthrowing Empire and Oppression August 12, 2020

For the past few weeks Don and I have been going through the book of Acts. The lens in which we’ve approached it (as laid out in the title of this post) is how we can use it as a guide to overthrow empire and oppression. But there is something that makes this week a little more exciting for us. We are now featured on .

Please make sure to check out the app. I have been using it for quite a while, and I love the community it has created around it. So with that being said here are a few things about this episode I’d like to share:

  1. I stumble my way through this episode and I hate it. Even though I read through the passage at least 10 times in the days leading up to recording I was completely unprepared. Which honestly, was frustrating. I do not like being unprepared, especially when the past few weeks went so great. But it is what it is.
  2. We talk about the idea that Jesus walked by the unnamed man during his life and just left him there which to me is such an interesting contrast to the Jesus I grew up with. While we’ve talked about other instances like this throughout the text on the podcast before it always gives me pause. Which I like.
  3. I have never paid attention to the unnamed healed in the text. Not once, at least in recent memory, have I focused on the fact that they’re unnamed. There is a story a friend of mine told me that also works in ministry and serves those on the margins. He was walking downtown and ran into a friend of his who is unhoused, stopping to talk to him the friend started crying. “I have been sitting here for three days and you are the first person to look at and talk to me.” This is what comes to mind now when I think of those unnamed. And it breaks my heart I never connected that sooner. But that’s what growth is I hope, learning and moving forward in the light.

Well, I hope you enjoy the episode, and please be sure to check out and download that app. It’s pretty amazing.

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