May 22, 2023

A True Story   As part of a school assignment, a shy but creative student is required to perform in the high school play which happens to be Peter Pan. She looks over the script and finds that the part of the Crocodile has no spoken lines. That appeals to her stage-fright. As she considers what must be done to portray a crocodile under the circumstances of the plot, her ideas begin to generate. One afternoon, she applies to the... Read more

May 19, 2023

Fragile as Glass   My husband and I were getting our porches ready for porch-sitting season in eastern Ohio. After power-washing the siding, we began to move things back into place–couch, coffee table, chairs, and a random shelf-less shelf unit where we used to hang baskets, hoses, tools, and the like. Years ago, that shelf unit had moved with us from another house. It was a beautiful piece of furniture, and I really wanted to use it inside, but our... Read more

May 15, 2023

Death, Where is your sting?   I used to think about Adam and Eve and how awful a thing it was to be caught in the first terrible wrath of God against mankind. Sad. Dreadful. Tragic. They tried to cover it up; they made excuses; but the sentence of death came into the world. The Accusation Today, as I meditated on the death of the husband of a dear friend, the Lord showed me the mercy in God’s judgment in... Read more

May 9, 2023

Recently, I was asked to briefly describe myself. Hmmmm … Teacher? Mother? Wife? Child of God? Grammar Police? Indeed, when pinned down like that, it’s hard to quickly mash sixty-six years into a few words and not be trite or cliche. Taking a moment to consider what trouble my answer could possibly get me into, I decided on the following:   I am Beverly. I chase sunsets.   My pursuits began, believe it or not, with a song. As a... Read more

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