Where is God?

Where is God? February 13, 2022


In today’s world, it is sometimes hard to see God’s hand, God’s perfection, His deliverance, His protection. Where is God?
We find ourselves crying out, time and time again. We are fearful for ourselves, feeling adrift with no one to protect us.
He is there. He is everywhere.
A few days ago in Phoenix, in the middle of the night, someone had a nightmare manifest itself. So, they called those who handle nightmares-real nightmares. The caller told the 911 operator his girlfriend was shot and suspects might still be around. Two officers were dispatched, a well-known flash point for escalation, these types of calls. The caller greeted them at the door and asked them to come in. As they entered, the man shot them. The first one, he shot at least four times, all through his body armor, through his body, and out the back panel of his body armor. It was an ambush. Police officers’ greatest fear.


It wasn’t their nightmare, THEY WERE the nightmare, hoping to be evil as the man waited for the officers to show, inviting them in with the ruse of someone being hurt.
When it was over, the nightmare was dead, but he had passed his evil on to nine officers. Nine police officers we hire to take care of those nightmares we are too weak or scared or simply don’t want to deal with ourselves.
Nine. It sounds so much worse than one. But trading even one life, or wounding, or harsh words with one of these sheep dogs, for the life or welfare of that evil is not a trade. Not at all. Those nine officers will have scars for life, physically and mentally. But all they care about is if the rest of their squad is okay. Those few, those happy few, shall one day strip their sleeves and show their scars, as the soliloquy goes. They will live out this day and return to their duty of dealing with and for the weak and scared. For they have been made to do so.

     Where do we find such men and women?

Where do we find such men and women? Who hear a calling, for this is nothing short of transforming. A calling which asks, “Who shall I send?”
There use to be multiple classes of those types of people waiting, hoping to be selected to wear that blue polyester. Last month, two graduated from the Phoenix Regional Academy. With politicians wanting to be woke or whatever the term is and jumping runaway band wagons about defunding such souls, it is amazing even the two graduated.
But God sees all. He knows all. He loves us as much as he could stretch his only son’s arms out and nail them to a wooden beam. Cities are waking to their actions. Nightmares are landing close to those who wanted such. Politicians are rethinking and rephasing their agenda. Whatever the next flavor is, they will be straddling it. Leaving the nightmares, once again, to be handled by those who do handle such things.
Where do we find such men and woman? Men and woman who storm a home to save a baby knowing they very well will get hurt or even die.

     It is He who called them.

They are made especially by God Almighty. It is He who called them, who asked, who should I send. The answers were few, but they are still being heard. The heart of the sheep dog awakes.
God created all things. He allowed us to have dentists and doctors. God gave us people who have talents and likes, causing them to impassion themselves in the arts and sciences. He knew we needed such people to take care of the rest of us. He also knew, Evil lived here. So, invented those with a heart to guard the others. I call them sheep dogs. They refer to themselves as such. They wear that label with pride, sheepdogs. There is a term they answer to the call. They hear it in their hearts when God asks in Isaiah 6 who shall I send.
Dad, wherever you put me, wherever I am, you will have me serve you perfectly. Give me strength and wisdom to hear you.
“Send me, Lord.”
Well done, lads and lasses. Well done.

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