Observations… May 22, 2022
wrong way!


I have not talked about observations I have made lately.

‘I see things’ like the little boy tells a younger Bruce Willis in the movie, Sixth Sense. A good movie by the way which you never see the twist at the end.
I think we all see things, things around us. Things in us. We can look at each other and sometimes kind of tell when someone is sad or sick or happy. When there is a spring in their step or a load in their pants. We see things. God knew they were there before He started the planet spinning, but we get to learn them as they happen, as they develop and are perfectly placed in their path for whatever reason Dad has us for.

     Maybe it is to learn….

Maybe it is to learn something for later. Or to connect to our past in some wounding, or in some affirmation-something. It’s all part of The Plan He has for us. All of it, I think, is to bring us to Him and to remind us He loves us. Even if we get swallowed by a giant fish.
Like this guy in the picture. He is sign spinning in front of a business which is no longer there and facing the wrong way. Plus, he is sign spinning too fast for anyone to read-the sign. This could be a good interview technique for general job applicants. Hand them a sign and tell them to go to a corner and, well, hold it up. This man could be management material. I hope not. But the world is a little off its axis these days.

     …lots of things observed….

I also was driving-yes, lots of things observed while driving-and a man pulled up in a fairly nice, a little older, Toyota Camry. The only blemish on it was it was missing its right front quarter panel (fender). Sure, that happens. Maybe a wreck and he was waiting for a new panel from Wuhan, China or somewhere. The interesting part of this was the exposed interior had plastic zip ties holding some hidden component in place to the metal under the lost fender. What were they holding? Was it important? Would the zip ties hold or did the driver need to step it up to maybe some duct tape? He drove off and I never got a change to ask.
A couple of days ago, I put on some nice shorts. You know, shorts you don’t cut the lawn in. Clean, nice shorts to go out to someplace with chairs to sit down and have a refreshing beverage. They were soft and comfortable and pleasant to the eye even if it was my own eye. I decided I needed to wash them and looked at the label to see if I might, actually, have to dry clean them. The label listed, among other things, spandex. It drew me to question if I am at a point in my life where I want to wear something with spandex in them? I already have Haggar slacks in my closet with their patented Expand-o-Matic waistline. Very comfortable by the way. But with the spandex, it kind of hit a nerve, separating youth from aged. Should I just lay down on an ice flow up in Barrows, Alaska with a pork roast around my neck and call it a day?

     …Lucky Penny.

A friend of mine had a hip replacement. My brother had one done a few years ago. I like to think medical techniques like these are invented by three doctors sitting at a bar in Texas after some conference on scalp replacement therapy. They’ve had two scotches and a third one coming when they started talking about replacing major joints. They even started to draw it on a napkin. Imagine your medical, lifesaving procedure created by three drunk guys and memorialized on a napkin with the bar’s name embossed on it-The Lucky Penny, or something catchy like that.
But Dad meets us where we need to meet. He delivers us what we need to have delivered, all of it drawing us to Him.
Huh. Imagine that. A Dad who loves us just the way we are.
These are some of the observations I have made lately.

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