In This Life….

In This Life…. November 19, 2022



Sometimes in this life, well, I would venture to say most of the time in this life, we have no course in which we are in control of. We think we do, but we are just having a best guess of where we are going. Days roll into weeks and then months and then years and years follow, well, years. Then we die. It starts with birth and ends with death and supposedly if we live well, we live to a ‘ripe old age.’

People keep telling me age is just a number. Well, it is, unless your numbers are getting high and you remember from your Earth Science class in high school the higher you go, the less you have. It isn’t like in the Old Days when people lived to 900 some odd years. And frankly, if that was a choice, who in their right mind would want that? Nine centuries? Are you out of your mind? And that was back in the days when you had to not only haul your own firewood but cut it. First, you had to find a tree-then cut it with an axe you had to make from rocks and if you lived in the deserts of the Middle East, you didn’t have a tree for a ways. There were forests back then, man cut them all down to make firewood.

Good plan.

     We point….

We point the bow towards the horizon and unfurl the jib, catching what wind we can catch and holding the helm tight. A lot of the time, we make it to land, maybe not quite the land we are aiming for, but hey, it’s close. And after a few seasons of harvest, maybe we decide we need to set sail again. Another season, another greener pasture or life moment. Many times, setting sail—it is caused by life events, wearing us down like waves on the shoals. They just had another hurricane late in the season in Florida and it took the beach right out from under houses whose owners thought they were safe. I bet they didn’t plan on the earth under them getting up and leaving.

     We seldom….

We seldom see The Hand which guides us-with us every day, every moment. Actually, we never see The Hand, only on rare occasions recognize its motion through our world. When we do, we question why it has allowed us on such rough seas and doubt its authority. Sometimes, resulting in cursing it and shaking our own hands at it.  Life, getting in the way of a love we dare not feel. It can be scary—Love. To be loved so completely even though we know we don’t deserve it. Thinking through it, if we did love a little better, maybe our life, maybe that loved one we were connected to, would still be with us. After all, why would that be destroyed if it wasn’t, maybe, our own fault?

The Hand knows our thoughts and anger and yet it still is there, still is guiding-still sheltering-still all it was ever thought to be and so much more we will never see this side of Heaven.

     But it is there.

But it is there. With us in a walk of life only It understands and sees fully. There is no greater love and nothing else we need than the love t and its Owner gives us.


Nothing at all.


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Mark Williams spent the first twenty-one years of his career as a Special Agent for the Organized Crime Division of the State Attorney General’s Office. As part of his duties, he investigated organized crime, homicides, and fraud cases submitted by other agencies to that office. He has traveled across the United States as an instructor for law enforcement in various capacities. After he retired, he became a high school English teacher at an inner-city school in central Phoenix where he is the fourth generation in his family to live in the valley. After that retirement, he continues to write novels, eight so far with the ninth coming out in 2023. His idea of the perfect ending to any day is curling up in his comfy bed with a good book and reading until his eyes cross. You can read more about the author here.

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