Interfaith Advent Reflections

Interfaith Advent Reflections December 2, 2022

In celebration of the holidays, one of my readers, Susie Leonard Weller, M.A., sent me a lovely interfaith advent calendar filled with reflections. I liked it so much that I asked Susie for permission to share it with my readers. Luckily, she said yes.

Enjoy these Advent reflections courtesy of Susie Weller. To learn more about her work, visit

November 27-December 3: Light Your World With Hope

Sunday 27

Center yourself in a quiet stillness that sustains your hope.

Monday 28

Expand your hope by focusing on the light—even in the midst of dark times.

Tuesday 29

Choose to notice even small signs of hope that can help to transform any despair.

Wednesday 30

Walk by faith, not by sight. Be hopeful that everything can support your Highest Good.

Thursday 1

Create a hopeful outlook by naming and releasing one of your fears today.

Friday 2

Cultivate hope by deepening your belief to trust: I am “enough.”

Saturday 3

Hope for the best. At the same time, release any expectations about specific outcomes.

December 4-10: Light Your World With Peace

Sunday 4

Peace begins within. Ground yourself with deep breathing to radiate peace.

Monday 5

Instead of judging others, be the peace and change you wish to see in them.

Tuesday 6

On this Feast of St. Nicholas, be generous in your thoughts and actions towards others.

Wednesday 7

Listen, identify, and respond to the underlying needs and desires that fuel most conflicts.

Thursday 8

Honor this Bodhi Day of Mahayana—or Buddha’s Enlightenment by expanding your capacity to respond vs. react.

Friday 9

Explore ways to find mutually satisfying solutions to resolve problems.

Saturday 10

Be patient with yourself and others as you deepen new skills of being an effective peacemaker.

December 11-17: Light Your World With Joy

Sunday 11

Happiness is fleeting. Deepen your joy by fully living in the present.

Monday 12

Joyfully support the poor and homeless on this feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Tuesday 13

Increase joy by giving the gift of being a compassionate listener today to someone you know.

Wednesday 14

Expand your joy by accepting and working with whatever is happening.

Thursday 15

Enjoy more satisfaction with life by focusing on your progress—not perfection.

Friday 16

Give thanks for all things. An attitude of gratitude increases your joy.

Saturday 17

Imagine joyful “What ifs?” Make one decision today to turn a dream into reality.

December 18-24: Light Your World With Love

Sunday 18

As Hanukkah begins, be God’s light warming our world with love.

Monday 19

Express love by being kind today to a stranger or someone you dislike.

Tuesday 20

Demonstrate compassion towards yourself and others.

Wednesday 21

In the darkness of Winter Solstice, ignite your inner Yule Log Fire by demonstrating loving kindness.

Thursday 22

Include someone who feels left out and lonely within your circle of love.

Friday 23

Be the pencil in the hand of God writing a love letter to the world.

Saturday 24

Enjoy the Christmas Spirit by loving the Divine within you and in others.

December 25-January 1: Light Your World With Service

Sunday 25

Celebrate Christmas and the end of Hanukkah by unwrapping your unique gift to serve the world.

Monday 26

Observe the 7 Principles of Kwanzaa by promoting the 1st Principle of Unity in your family, community, nation, and in the world.

Tuesday 27

Express the 2nd Principle of Self-Determination by speaking up for yourself and expressing whomever you have come here to be.

Wednesday 28

Solve community problems with the 3rd Principle: Increase Collective Work & Responsibility.

Thursday 29

Think globally; act locally to respect the 4th Principle of Cooperative Economics. Support policies of just wages.

Friday 30

Live your unique and Sacred Purpose—the 5th Principle, by serving the larger community.

Saturday 31

Release your Creativity—the 6th Principle, by contributing your original thinking and approach to whatever you do.

Sunday 1

Deepen Your Faith—the 7th Principle of Kwanzaa.

Happy holidays!

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