The Great Laminin Hoax

The Great Laminin Hoax December 1, 2017
I’m sad to say that I needed someone to point this out to me, but the very popular post and video going around from Christian speaker, Louie Giglio, regarding the cross-like shape of the Laminin molecule and how that is, supposedly, pointing to how Jesus is the one who “holds all things together” as referenced in Colossians 1:15-20, is totally false.
Sorry. It’s not true.

Image via Pixabay
Image via Pixabay


The first problem is simply that the purportedly cross-shaped Laminin protein is not cross-shaped. Not even close.
Let’s back up and summarize the claims before we get going.
Here are the basic claims being made:
“Laminins are a family of proteins that are an integral part of the structural scaffolding of basement membranes in almost every animal tissue. Laminins are what hold us together, literally. They are cell adhesion molecules. They are what holds one cell of our bodies to the next cell. Without them, we would literally fall apart.”
That part is true. No problem there.
The problem comes when people like Louie Giglio [and he is the originator of this growing myth these days] shows everyone a diagram of Laminin that looks like this:
Wow. That probably reminds you of something, doesn’t it? Well, yes. It is sort of “cross-shaped”. But that’s an artist’s rendering designed to help students and scientists understand the component structure of the molecule.
Here’s what the actual Laminin molecule looks like under an electron microscope.
Uhm…Err…uh…yeah. Well, that’s not very cross-like is it? 
No. Not really.
Does that mean that Jesus doesn’t “hold all things together” the way Colossians claims?
Of course, Jesus holds all things together. But does he only do that through Laminin molecules? Does everything have to be cross-shaped to testify of Christ’s power or to point to Him?
No, that’s not how it works.
There’s no magic in the shape of a cross. The crucifix is not a totem or a talisman. It’s just a shape.
The blood of Jesus is what sets us free. The death of Jesus is what tore the veil in the Temple. It wasn’t the shape of the cross.
So, maybe we should stop sharing posts that make us look silly to actual scientists who know that we’re off-base and talking about things we really don’t understand?
That would be my suggestion, for what it’s worth.
NOTE: Special thanks to Grant Alford for pointing out this hoax to me.
For more see Snopes “Laminin Hoax”
Keith Giles is the author of several books, including “Jesus Untangled: Crucifying Our Politics To Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb”.
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  • Laird

    The Pastor is merely pointing out something that is in God’s Creation that is indicative of His design. There are other pictures of the molecule that have a more Cross like appearance. He’s not trying to minimize the Blood, just revealing an amazing tid-bit from Creation that encourages faith! No need to be critical!

  • Lisa Noble

    Aw, come on. It’s a cross, it’s just leaning over. 😉
    I respect and enjoyed reading your article. It opened my eyes to some things. Please know, I agree with some things you wrote, but I love to argue and I argue for the sake of learning. 🙂

    I agree, that it was His sacrifice itself that mattered and not how it happened, yet all of Christianity associates the cross with Jesus. We wear it around our neck, we look at it and pray to it in churches. I can’t find it right now, but I thought I heard it say in the Bible something about whatever you hold to be true on earth, I will hold it true in heaven? We think of the cross as the symbol for His sacrifice. Would that then make it a Holy Symbol, because we think of it that way?

    We as Christians should probably stick with the simplicity found in the Word, and not look for things which were not intended. I’m watching Louie Giglio now speak about Colossians and he used the Laminin parallel which I thought, originally, was such an awesome pointer to Jesus. He was also saying Paul wrote to Colasse because there was a budding heresy in the church there. They were adding things that were not the Word of God. Paul was saying to them, stick with the word, keep it simple, no? Because Paul’s letter is God’s Word, I would like to follow Paul’s advice, and trust only what’s in the Word.

    But there is a part of me that thinks, who can really tell what was intended and what wasn’t? Did God do that on purpose? In making the molecule to point to Jesus holding us together? Or is it just something Mr. Giglio wants to see? Who really is to say? There is no mention of laminin in the Bible and if it is or isn’t in the shape of a cross. I believe this might come under the omen category, an event that is regarded as having prophetic significance. But who is regarding it? Obviously, not you or I. I believe omens are personal. I believe the person who created this parallel was maybe also sharing it as an anecdote.

    So as a viewer, personally, I think this is a wonderful way to think of Jesus and our world. Almost poetic. But as for the heart of the matter, what I should put my attention towards is what I learn from the Bible. I see where it ruffled your feathers, and I see where it meant no harm.

    Looking forward to reading more! 😉

  • Sam

    from what I can tell, you chose a picture that looks the least like a cross so that you can say it looks nothing like a cross. however, there are many other pictures where it is cross shaped. God tells us in the Bible that no man has an excuse for not knowing him. I believe this is one of those things he is talking about. He has placed things all around us so that we can see He is here with us. However, believing in Him also involves a lot of faith. We need faith that he is real without seeing Him. some people are fortunate to see Him during their lifetimes. However we must believe in Him and have faith He is there, and when i look at laminin, I cant help but know that he is here. God bless you. he has a plan for you, just seek Him and he will reveal himself to you.

  • Jason Mathieu

    Why are you so confidently lying to people? You make me sick. Fake news is a perfect title for this article.
    Heres another picture of Laminin that you so strategically left out (: Hello satan (:

  • Jennifer

    I find this article of your extremely offensive. First of all, it’s a living cell, no duh is it going to move around. But of course some dumb ass idiot like you find the WORST picture that you could find and spout out lies to people reading this shitty article. How about you shut your damn mouth and stop arguing against people when we all know deep down you have the slightest bit of hope that there is a god. Laminin is the one cell that makes humans living proof that Jesus is real. People like this, making pathetic articles like this make me want to puke. So stop with the damn lies and open your eyes for once how about that!?

  • summers-lad

    As most of your comment is a series of insults to the author, I find it offensive. The post itself, on the other hand, presents good reasons for describing a claim (which I had never heard of) about this molecule as “silly”. (Whether cross-shaped or not, it is no proof.) More importantly, I agree with the author that “there is no magic in the shape of a cross” and “the blood of Jesus is what sets us free”.

  • Jennifer

    I apologize for any offensive words that I have said in my previous comment. But to most people, a lot of us find this article offensive. The protein cell Laminin is cross shaped, yes. Kinda of ironic huh? The picture shown on this site is a crappy example. It’s a living cell. Of course it’s gunna move. Every inventor leaves their mark on their creation right? So, the one that created man kind should leave their mark or something right? I believe that Laminin is that mark and/or signature. For someone who has seen Jesus Christ themselves, knows that Laminin is that signature and/or mark

  • Wonder

    Actually, it’s a protein, not a cell. And yes, proteins change shape. If the Creator of the Universe was going to make a doctrinal point using a protein molecule, what doctrinal point is made by a molecule that is only sometimes kinda shaped like a cross if you look at it the right way at the right moment?

  • seun sparky

    Don not test GOD MAN

  • seun sparky

    How dear u sa thins like that gO reat yor bibel agen and see the power GOD

  • seun sparky

    Its agros and thats what GOD’S POWER

  • Emilie Poirier

    aS a ARTist i WOuld love to EXPRESS this view of mine…. 🙂 If we look at the world we are living in, we can actually see amazing beauty so I think God is God, he is everything, omniscient, everlasting, the alpha and Omega and in everything he is and also he is a wonderful Artist, and Scientist, and humorist (when we look at a ant eater….) So it is perfectly clear to me, that as our Creator, he would of course put his signature on his creation. Thats what artist do 😉 God is an multidisciplinary artist 🙂 He deserve to be praised.

  • sgibby

    Dude all laminin looks a little different. The bible is very specific on how creation points to Christ. Our bodies not only are made in Christ’s image but they are made to glorify Him. That’s exactly what laminin does. The whirlpool galaxy is another way God shows Himself to us.

    A false teaching is saying something different than the gospel. This teaching doesn’t do that. The bible says don’t quarrel about useless things. If one person sees a cross and another doesn’t it’s just a difference of opinion not something that should separate Gods people. Louie Giglio preaches Truth. If one of his teachings offends me than I’m the one with the problem. What defiles man comes from within. whoa to those who bring an offence. When we let useless arguing divide us we’re working for the enemy.