Facing a moral catastrophe

Facing a moral catastrophe August 16, 2018

These last few days have been sickening.  To think that so many have been profoundly wounded by the depraved actions of priests and the negligence of bishops.  The suffering of the victims is unfathomable.

I usually do well putting my thoughts and feelings into words, but these past few days I have been unable to do so.

This morning I read a statement by Cardinal DiNardo describing this whole situation as a “moral catastrophe.”  I have read many statements, expressions of dismay, sorrow, etc, but none captured the sense of what is happening as the words “moral catastrophe.”

It is a moral catastrophe that placed young people in harms way.  A moral catastrophe that I thought had already come to light after Boston in 2002.  A moral catastrophe that must not happen again.

Cardinal DiNardo expressed what the vast majority of priests feel right now (which is important to keep in mind): “it is also part of this catastrophe that so many faithful priests who are pursuing holiness and serving with integrity are tainted by this failure.”

We must pray: pray for the victims and pray for conversion.

We must act: act for reform and act to hold the guilty accountable.

I know these words do not capture everything, and it is probably tremendously lacking.  This is meant to be just an expression of my own thoughts these past few days.

Picture is mine, all rights reserved.  Zaragoza, 2015.

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