Miracle Worker Father Ubald in Need of Miracle

Miracle Worker Father Ubald in Need of Miracle November 6, 2020

Father Ubald survived the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

He played an instrumental role in the healing process of the country once the genocide ended.

He was led by the Holy Spirit to pray with people and to bless them with Jesus truly present in the Blessed Sacrament.  He began to see Jesus work miracles in his midst.

For the past few years, he has led The Secret of Peace, a retreat center in southwestern Rwanda where the faithful gather to pray and work on the process of reconciliation.  I visited this spectacular place a few years ago.

Father Ubald was unable to return home from the U.S. in March due to COVID-19 shutdowns.  A few weeks ago he became very sick and was transferred to a hospital in Salt Lake City.  Days ago, those who work with him when he is in the United States reported that Father Ubald was recovering well.

Tonight an urgent request has gone out to pray for Father Ubald.  “Please pray for his healing from Covid-19.  He has been re-intubated and is back in the ICU.  His lungs are being attacked by the disease.”

A few years ago Father Ubald visited Savannah and Augusta.  I personally know individuals who experienced physical healings during his prayer services.  He is the real deal.  I had the honor to spend a few days with him during his visit.  He is a gentle and prayerful soul.  Tonight as I go to bed, I pray for him and ask you to say a prayer for him too.

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