Response to Viganò Tape on COVID

Response to Viganò Tape on COVID September 17, 2021

Life Site News has published the first of a series of videos where Archbishop Viganò, former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, responds to pre-recorded questions.  They are calling the series the “Viganò Tapes.”

As I heard this first “tape,” I was left dumbstruck by the factual inaccuracies stated by the Archbishop in regards to the COVID vaccine.  Here I share the quotes I found most troubling from the tape, and my comments.

“The so-called emergency pandemic has been utilized as a false pretext to impose the vaccination and the green pass in many nations of the world.  In a simultaneous and coordinated way.”

The best way to describe the death of millions worldwide is indeed an emergency pandemic.  If this is not an emergency pandemic, then what is?  Is the Archbishop unaware of the death of millions in the world from COVID?  Has he not had to bury members of the faithful, young and old, who have died of COVID?  To make reference to what we have experienced worldwide for the past eighteen months as a “so-called emergency pandemic” is to be disconnected from reality.  He states this has been a false pretext to impose vaccinations.  Looking at history, the rise of new illnesses has led to worldwide vaccination campaigns.  There is nothing new in imposing vaccinations: schools require them, universities do too.  It is a simultaneous and coordinated effort because the pandemic has affected every corner of the earth – not due to some sinister plan for one world order.

“At the same time, on the other front, not only do the ecclesiastical authorities not condemn in the least the abuse of power by those who govern public affairs, but they support them in this wicked plan.”

The Church has always supported the vaccination of people.  What is there to condemn?  I did not expect the Church to protect me from an abusive government when I went to college and had to get several vaccines.  I did not see it as an abuse of power, but rather, a way to be personally protected, and a way to protect others.

“And go so far as to condemn those who do not accept being subjected to inoculation with an experimental gene serum, with unknown side effects, that does not impart any immunity from the virus, to say nothing of the moral implications related to the presence of genetic material derived from aborted fetuses, which for a Catholic is itself a more than sufficient reason to refuse the vaccine.”

The current vaccines are not experimental.  The Pfizer vaccine has been now fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  These new vaccines have been studied for many years, but viruses similar to COVID-19 passed before mass inoculation was necessary.  The consumption of any vaccine or drug brings about side effects.  There is always a risk.  When I was vaccinated against the yellow fever, I nervously read that one in every 250,000 people had total organ failure and died.  As I finished reading the brochure, in went the needle.  The vaccine does impart immunity from the virus.  I would direct the Archbishop to the many medical reports indicating that hospitals are disproportionately filled right now with the unvaccinated.  Those who have received the shot are significantly less likely to become sick, and if they become sick, much less likely to need hospital care. Finally, there is no genetic material derived from aborted fetuses in the vaccine.  The vaccine, like many drugs we use daily, at some point in their development, are tested in cells that derive from cell lines that come from aborted fetuses.  Yes, there is a moral dilemma surrounding these vaccines, but the Archbishop is incorrect stating there is fetal genetic material in the vaccine.

“It is an epochal war that is a prelude to the end times and the great apostasy spoken in Sacred Scripture.”

The ends times have been predicted since the time of Jesus.  The Archbishop could be correct, but to frame what is currently in the world in terms of the great apostasy and the end times appears sensational.  I am sure that when the Bubonic Plague struck Europe in the 1300s wiping away whole villages, and about one-third of the population of Europe, the faithful were certain the end was near, yet here we are.  The battle between good and evil continues today as it has been waged throughout the centuries.

I would like to know the Archbishop’s goal for disseminating this pronouncement.  I am certain he means well, and has many who believe as he does when it comes to the vaccines.  Disseminating incorrect information however is dangerous.

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”  Think critically, study the science, and find Truth.

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