Uvalde children massacre: Will nothing change?

Uvalde children massacre: Will nothing change? May 26, 2022

Soon after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, I read an excellent article in the British news magazine The Economist that concluded that one thing was certain during the fallout of the massacre: nothing would change in the United States.  The author argued that despite the public outcry, nothing would change.

Here we are, ten years later, and we continue to face the same unspeakable horror.  Earlier today, I watched an interview on television of the father of a beautiful girl who is now dead.  In the midst of tears he uttered, “how do you shoot my baby?”  I feel lightheaded and nauseous every time I see pictures of the children senselessly killed in Uvalde, Texas at Robb Elementary School.

Whenever these types of shootings occur, there is a tone of inevitability that hovers over the conversation.  Mental illness is invoked.  Insufficient security measures are implemented.  School children are trained with active shooter drills.

Our young people in general are struggling with depression and anxiety in unprecedented levels.

Our young people have access to endless influences, good and evil, through social media and the general use of the internet.

I do not understand what need exists for an average citizen to own weapons designed for war – designed to kill another human being.  I further do not understand how these can end up in the hands of young men who in turn perform unspeakable acts with them.

How will those who have the power and authority to effect a change respond?

Will nothing change?  Is the author of the article from The Economist correct?

I pray for the consolation of the parents and family of those killed, and for the healing of a whole close knit community.

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Uvalde children massacre: Will nothing change?
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Uvalde children massacre: Will nothing change?
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Uvalde children massacre: Will nothing change?

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