Practicing Together #4

Practicing Together #4 February 18, 2013
Great Blue Heron on Horn Pond
Horn Pond, Woburn, MA (Photo by me:

On Mondays, we practice together!  I would love to have you join me at any point during the week.

This week, I noticed that after a few days of slipping up on the things that support me – good food choices, downtime, practice – I start to want to do them again.

Next week, I invite in the willingness to lean into change.  Several big things are changing in my life right now, and I want to honor them as opportunities to create other shifts I want.

Ways this could work: I could mull over ways to use the routine changes that are coming to create new habits.  I could set intentions around what shifts I’d like to create.  I could practice opening to change.  Or it could work in a way I haven’t thought of yet!

What went well: This week, I taught at PantheaCon to a room full of people with beautiful, challenging, heartfelt questions, and I am full of gratitude for that opportunity.

Update from last week: Last week, I invited in the superpower of letting go, and that was helpful!  I let go of worrying about my travel plans, of things that I just couldn’t fit in, and of some of my ideas about how things had to work last week, and in every case, it ended up adding ease and delight.  I’m keeping this one!

How about you?

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