Practicing Together #6

Practicing Together #6 March 4, 2013
Boston Public Garden
Dreaming of spring! (Photo by me)

Ritual is important.  One of our rituals is that we practice together: here, in comments on social media, on our blogs, or in our heads.  Join us!

This past week, I noticed that when I have a lot going on, I want both stillness (sitting practice, downtime) and movement (exercise).

This coming week, I invite in the possibility of finding a third way.  Over the last few years, I’ve been practicing being a steward of my own time and energy, which means a lot of decisions to do this or that.  Now I’m in a place where there are lots of awesome, exciting projects available, and that excitement feeds me as surely as the rest I’ve learned to cultivate.  So this week, I am ready to find a way of thinking that doesn’t hold exciting projects and enough rest in opposition.

Ways this could work: I could look at ways to nurture myself in addition to my need for rest and downtime.  I could do the water thing about it.  Someone could give me a great idea, or I could just stumble across one. It could just work.

What went well: I’m an aunt, in that lovely chosen-family way, and an eighteen-hour-old baby asleep on your chest is pretty much unbeatable in the sweetness department.

Reports from last week: Last week, I invited in sovereignty and I got some great moments of clarity about what is my stuff and what is not my stuff.  I would like more of this!

As always, you are invited to practice along with me at any time during the week, 100% guilt-free!

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