Practicing Together #9

Practicing Together #9 March 25, 2013

beech tree in winter
Photo by me (Beverly, MA)

Hello, week!  Hello, practice.  Every Monday, we practice together.

This past week, I noticed that my idea of what I need to do isn’t always right.  I heard myself saying to several people this week “I need to do X, and Y, and Z, but there just isn’t time.”  This was true, so I didn’t do X and Y and Z and it pretty much turned out okay.  Some of those are things that will eventually need to get done, and some of them are things that just don’t need to make the cut.

This coming week, I invite in spring!  After rather a lot of weather, we have a forecast for a sunny week.  The period in which we might get a major snowstorm is coming to a close in the next couple of weeks, and I have heard repeated reports of crocuses.  Sunshine.  Budding.  Yes.

Ways this could work: I could turn my attention to spring-like things.  I could buy flowers.  I could appreciate the sunshine extra.

What went well: I got my first farmshare of the year this week and I cooked nearly all of it into delicious meals.

Reports from last week: leaving things undone was pretty much the direct manifestation of wanting to have plenty of time.  When I do it, then I both have more time and worry less about the time I have.  I am embracing this.

How about you?  As always, you’re invited to join in our ritual at any time during the week.  Or not!  Either way, I’m wishing you sunshine too.

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