Practicing Together #19

Practicing Together #19 June 17, 2013

Prospect Hill Park, Waltham, MA

It’s Monday, so we practice together.  Join us?

This past week, I noticed that some types are mental gears are particularly hard for me to shift out of.  I tend to switch tasks a lot and to feel distractable at that level, but if I look at my work in the last hour before bed, my mind will be filled with office details all night.  I’m not sure what the hard-to-shift gears have in common, but noticing they are there feels helpful.

This week, I invite in the answer is already here.  Maybe the problem suggests the answer. Or the seeds of the answer are in answers I already have.  I invoke the superpower of wait, this is easy!

Ways this could work: I could try supposing it, or remembering it.  I could do Shiva Nata.  I could notice when it is already true.  It could be a virtuous cycle.

What went well: Something that I was very worried about went even better than could possibly have been expected.  Also, I learned that the best diner in town does takeout.

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