The Best (ish) Baby Bath

The Best (ish) Baby Bath June 14, 2017

Do you go through a new baby tub after each baby because a) Either it got moldy so you threw it out, or b) You hated it so much you were going to try a different one for the next baby?

Maybe you gave up on baby bathtubs all together and just bathe Bebe a la the stainless steel kitchen sink. Not a bad choice.

We’ve been using the same baby bath for over four years.

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It’s called the Euobath.

I purchased it initially because my special needs daughter was getting too big for a traditional baby bath, but wasn’t able to sit yet. It seemed like a short term, relatively inexpensive solution for our current need.

This baby bath is great because tiny babies fit in it and are relatively well-supported. The tub is deep so that water covers most of baby’s chest and prevents her from getting cold. The ingenuity of this tub is that once baby is able to sit, you simply have her sit on the other side of the tub. There is a small “saddle” that supports the pelvis, which is great for babies who can sit, but aren’t ready to sit independently in the tub.

A sitting child, and a laying child can bathe at the same time with this tub. This might be the best bang for your time buck yet.

This tub is all plastic, and has no fabric components, which means it’s easy to clean. There is a plug on the bottom for easy draining.

The biggest downside of this tub is that it is large. It will nearly take up an entire bathtub. Ours stays IN the bathtub, and thankfully we have an extra bathroom for bathing so we aren’t always moving the baby bath around.

Our daughter is 4.5 and is still using this tub. She is able to sit, but likes the stability and safety of knowing that she won’t tip over or fall backwards. Our six-month-old just transitioned to the “sitting” side of the tub, and is loving to splash all about. I still need to watch her closely, but the added stability at the pelvis allows her more freedom to enjoy the tub with less risk of her tipping over.

I am in no way affiliated with Eurobath. I’m no authority on baby gear, and am continually tweaking my essential baby gear with each child. I just want to share with my readers what has worked best for me, in case you were looking for suggestions.

Four years ago, spending $45 on a bathtub seemed excessive. I’m happy to see that the price is now around $20. I think we’ve gotten our money’s worth.

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