Tribute: Women of the Waiting Room Anthology and Devotional

Tribute: Women of the Waiting Room Anthology and Devotional May 12, 2024


Welcome to this special edition of Listen Linda Speaks, where we take a moment to honor and celebrate the remarkable women of the Waiting Room Anthology and Devotional. As the visionary behind this powerful project, I am deeply moved by the stories shared by these extraordinary women, and I am honored to share their journey with you. In this article, we will not only celebrate their strength and resilience but also delve into the profound impact of mother figures in our lives. Additionally, I want to dedicate a heartfelt tribute to my own mother, Marvella Elaine Everett, whom I affectionately call Chyna. Despite her personal struggles, my love for her remains unwavering, and I am forever grateful for the lessons she has taught me.



To truly appreciate the significance of motherhood, let us explore the question: Should we limit our appreciation for mothers to just one day, or should we extend it to an entire month?




The Significance of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, observed on the second Sunday of May, has been a cherished occasion for generations. It is a day dedicated to honoring and expressing gratitude to the women who have nurtured and shaped us. On this day, we shower our mothers with love, gifts, and heartfelt gestures. However, some argue that a single day is not enough to truly celebrate and acknowledge the immeasurable impact of motherhood.


Extending the Celebration

Advocates for a month-long celebration propose the idea of Mother’s Month. This extended celebration provides an opportunity to recognize the diverse roles and contributions of mothers in our society. It goes beyond the traditional definition of mothers as only biological mothers and includes foster mothers, adoptive mothers, stepmothers, and other mother figures who have played a pivotal role in our lives. By extending the celebration, we can appreciate the vast tapestry of motherhood and the unique journeys each mother undertakes.


Recognizing the Journey

Motherhood is a transformative journey, filled with immense joys, challenges, and personal growth. By dedicating an entire month to mothers, we create a platform to honor their stories, share their wisdom, and foster a sense of community among mothers and those they have influenced. This extended celebration ensures that the efforts and sacrifices of mothers are acknowledged and appreciated beyond a single day, providing them with the recognition they truly deserve.


Embracing Both Perspectives

While the idea of a month-long celebration may hold appeal, it is important to strike a balance. We can maintain the significance of Mother’s Day as a focal point while also allocating time throughout the year to recognize and appreciate mothers. By preserving the essence of Mother’s Day and incorporating ongoing appreciation, we can create a comprehensive approach that combines a dedicated day of celebration with consistent gratitude throughout the year. This balance allows us to show our appreciation for mothers without diluting the significance of Mother’s Day itself.


Striking a balance between maintaining the significance of Mother’s Day and showing ongoing appreciation for mothers throughout the year is essential to ensure that mothers feel valued and appreciated consistently. Here are some suggestions on how we can achieve this balance:


Celebrate Mother’s Day with Meaningful Gestures

On Mother’s Day, make an effort to go beyond the traditional gifts and gestures. Show your appreciation by spending quality time with your mother, listening to her stories, and expressing gratitude for her love and support. Consider personalized gifts or acts of service that reflect her interests and passions. By making Mother’s Day meaningful and heartfelt, you can maintain its significance while creating a lasting impact.


Express Appreciation Throughout the Year

Don’t limit your appreciation for mothers to just one day. Make it a habit to express gratitude and appreciation for your mother or mother figures throughout the year. This can be done through small acts of kindness, such as writing heartfelt notes, sending surprise gifts, or simply expressing your love and gratitude in words. Regularly reminding mothers of their importance in your life can make a significant difference in their well-being and sense of value.


Create Special Moments

Designate specific days or occasions throughout the year to honor and celebrate your mother or mother figures. It could be her birthday, anniversary, or any other significant milestone in her life. Use these moments to plan special activities or surprises that are tailored to her preferences and interests. By creating these special moments, you ensure that the celebration of motherhood extends beyond a single day.


Support and Acknowledge Other Mothers

Extend your appreciation to other mothers in your community and circle of friends. Recognize their efforts and achievements as mothers, and offer support whenever possible. This could involve volunteering to help with childcare, offering a listening ear, or organizing events that bring mothers together. By acknowledging and supporting other mothers, you contribute to a culture of ongoing appreciation and solidarity.


Reflect on Motherhood in Everyday Conversations:

Incorporate discussions about motherhood and the influence of mothers into everyday conversations. Share stories, memories, and lessons learned from your own mother or mother figures. Encourage others to do the same. By keeping motherhood at the forefront of conversations, you ensure that appreciation for mothers remains a constant presence in your life and the lives of those around you.


Remember, the goal is to find a balance between maintaining the significance of Mother’s Day and showing ongoing appreciation for mothers throughout the year. By incorporating these suggestions into your routine, you can create a culture of appreciation that extends beyond a single day, while still honoring the special significance of Mother’s Day itself.


What Does Linda Think?

As we pay tribute to the Women of the Waiting Room Anthology and Devotional, we are reminded of the immense power and strength that mothers possess. Their love, guidance, and unwavering support shape us into the individuals we become. Whether we choose to celebrate mothers on a specific day or throughout an entire month, the essence remains the same – to honor and appreciate the love, sacrifices, and resilience of mothers everywhere. Here is a Poem from me to the Ladies:


In a waiting room filled with women strong,

Their stories untold, their hearts a song.

With love in their eyes and grace in their stride,

They carry the burdens of life, side by side.


Happy Mother’s Day, to these women so divine,

Whose strength and resilience, forever shine.

They’ve weathered storms, faced trials and pain,

Yet their spirits soar high, like a golden crane.


In their eyes, you’ll find wisdom untold,

A lifetime of lessons, stories unfold.

They’ve nurtured and guided, with tender care,

Their love, a beacon, always there.


With gentle hands and words of solace,

They mend broken hearts, bring forth the promise.

They wipe away tears, they heal and mend,

Their love knows no bounds, it has no end.


In the waiting room, they gather together,

Sharing laughter, support, and love, forever.

They lift each other up, empower and inspire,

A sisterhood united, their love never tires.


So on this day, we honor and adore,

The waiting room women, forevermore.

Happy Mother’s Day, to these souls so dear,

May their love and strength always be near.

Copyright ©️ Jacquiline Cox 2024


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