Finding Clarity: When to Be Still and When to Speak Up

Finding Clarity: When to Be Still and When to Speak Up July 6, 2024

In our journey of faith, we often encounter situations where we need to discern between engaging in spiritual warfare and advocating for what is right. It can be challenging to determine when it’s time to be still and let God fight the battle, and when it’s appropriate to actively participate as a soldier in His army and advocate. This specific article I hope to provide guidance on understanding the difference between spiritual warfare and advocacy, learning to be quiet, and knowing when it’s okay to speak up against anything that isn’t of God.


Understanding the Difference

Spiritual warfare refers to the battles fought in the spiritual realm, where we combat the forces of darkness through prayer, fasting, and relying on God’s power. It involves recognizing and resisting spiritual attacks, seeking God’s guidance, and relying on His strength to overcome. On the other hand, advocacy involves actively standing up for justice, truth, and righteousness in the physical world. It includes raising awareness, speaking out against injustice, and taking action to bring about positive change.


Learning to Be Quiet:

Being quiet doesn’t imply passivity or inaction; rather, it is a conscious choice to listen, seek God’s guidance, and discern His will. It is during these moments of stillness that we can hear His voice and gain clarity on how to navigate spiritual warfare and advocacy. Being quiet allows us to align ourselves with God’s purpose and seek His wisdom before deciding when and how to act.


Knowing When to Speak Up:

Speaking up against anything that isn’t of God requires discernment and wisdom. It’s important to examine our motives and ensure that our actions are rooted in love, truth, and righteousness. We should speak up when we witness injustice, oppression, or actions that go against God’s principles. By doing so, we become advocates for those who cannot speak for themselves, bringing light and truth into dark situations.


What does Linda Think:

I’m truly a compassionate and discerning individual, and I understand the importance of seeking God’s guidance in every situation. I believe that being still and allowing God to fight spiritual battles is crucial to maintain trust and rely on Him. I see myself as a soldier in God’s army, always ready to advocate for justice and righteousness in the world. I use every platform God has gifted me with (all global)  the knowledge gained from understanding the difference between spiritual warfare and advocacy to guide others towards finding clarity in their own battles. So today and every other day I will  encourage individuals to be led by the Holy Spirit, knowing that God’s timing and direction are key to making a significant impact.


In the world of spiritual warfare and advocacy, finding the balance between being still and speaking up is essential. By understanding the difference between the two, learning to be quiet, and discerning when to advocate, we can navigate these challenges with wisdom and clarity. Let us be guided by the Holy Spirit, seeking God’s guidance in all our endeavors, and trust that He will empower us to make a difference in His name.

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