The Clutter Equation

The Clutter Equation May 10, 2016

The Clutter Equation-clutter-declutter-spring cleaning-gratitude-home-abundance-flow-fen sui-eft- emotional freedom-obligation-holding on-letting go-freedom-peace-space-beauty-health-joy

The reason most of us are holding on to more stuff than optimal is because we remember how much we paid for it. Or a friend or relative, deceased or alive, loved or not so loved, gave it to us. If there’re other members in your household, things get even more tangled in emotions. Obligation, grief, overwhelm, denial — pick your range.

If it wasn’t for the stuff’s monetary or sentimental value, would you keep holding on to it? Is its presence weighing you down, or lifting you up?

Consider this: whatever limits your freedom to thrive, whatever encroaches upon your breathing space, whatever takes away your opportunities to transform, gently but firmly escort it out of your environment.

Sell it. Gift it. Donate.

No ascribed values can ever be more important than your inner compass. Have the courage to create the space your soul’s yearning for. Holding on to stuff that doesn’t thrill you is so last millennium. It’s time you invest in your brightest, most loving self. That’s gratitude in action.

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