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A Note from the founder of Manly Training Ministries. I am thankful for the thousands of men and women who have been supportive of MTM and what we are doing. Our mission is critical and overwhelming at times.

I have created a PATREON account where you can find lots of exclusive material. This new page provide you with exclusive material. You can also support us financially if you chose to do so. The Material is free regardless if you choose to financially support MTM. Your generous contribution will allow us to continue to help families all over the world. We can’t do this without you. But with your support, we can Train Men to Become the Men God Created us to Be. To get to the PATREON page, just click on the following link: 



You can also click on the MTM LOGO to access the official Website. This will allow you to get even more articles, podcasts and Videos. The goal is to equip as many pastors and church leaders as possible with all the material you need so you can help men become the men God created us to be. All the material on the website is copyrighted but you can use the material here to train men, give counseling, and lead your men’s groups at church.  

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