Black Muslim Reads

We are thrilled to work with writers to release the Black Muslim Reads anthology. The collection is part of the successful #BlackMuslimReads campaign that raised appreciation for unique Black Muslim writings and experiences and has generated connections between authors, writers, and creatives in a growing literary network centering Black Muslims.

Contributing to the anthology is solely voluntary, and there is no compensation other than networking with authors, highlighting Black Muslim writing aligned with NbA Muslims’ platform objectives, and gaining more exposure.

NbA Muslims will publish the anthology as part of our grassroots, FUBU (For Us By Us) mission that gives more control over our narratives. We are keeping things streamlined and simple for all vested in amplifying the voices of Black Muslim literature.

Click here for the submission guidelines.

Please read them carefully. There are a few specifics related to formatting and style that will make it easier to organize submissions. Writers can submit from any of the outlined genres and send in different pieces (i.e., one poetry and one fiction, etc.). We want everyone to send in as much of their shine as possible.

We are in the first leg of the process. There will be additional information needed like author pics and bios, social media links, etc., but right now, we want writers to focus on what they do best—spilling some ink.

NbA Muslims Team


  • Layla Abdullah-Poulos
  • Fatimah Abdulmalik
  • Umm Juwayriyyah