New Moon in Aries Zodiac Readings- March 2020

New Moon in Aries Zodiac Readings- March 2020 March 23, 2020

New Moon in Aries Blessing: May you rise to the challenges presented to you and overcome them with an unrivaled fury.

It’s safe to say that the wisdom that came through for you for the March new moon embodies the courageous and bold energy of Aries. It’s no secret that on a global scale, 2020 has been difficult. We are facing a time of great upheaval, which means it’s also a time of great uncovering, great liberation, great opportunity. It’s easy to look at the characteristics of Aries energy as fearless, bold, pioneering, and accept them at face value, but the root of those traits is a deep trust in the universe and in the self. It is not possible to exhibit these traits without that trust. Aries is bold, fearless, pioneering, because Aries is deeply secure. Aries says this is your life, live it out loud from the strength of your own rooted being. It doesn’t matter how crazy things are, we can all find that security through deep and abiding trust in ourselves and in the universe.

Below are the messages I’ve channeled for you by zodiac sign for the new moon in Aries. Read for your sun sign, or for a fuller picture read for your moon and rising sign as well.

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It is your season to heal. Enter the darkness within and deal with what you’ve been avoiding. There is no moving forward, not really, until you face your fears, face your short-comings, face those little whispers of “what if?” And answer them. All that’s dredged up right now, all that’s coming forth in the chaos will be transformed and become the bricks in your firm foundation within once you face and accept it. You’re not alone, not really, but it’s time to rely on your own wisdom and to find strength in your own self.



Care for your support system, care for your body. Now isn’t the time for flights of fancy. Now is the time to sink into your body and be deeply present with what it is communicating to you. Don’t abandon yourself. No matter what happens outside of you, remember that you will always have you. You can count on you. Don’t discount the benefits of a good foot rub at this time, either. It’s both soothing and grounding, two experiences you desperately need.



Things are about to get really real. You’ve known what needs to change. Your intuition has been speaking it to you, and now the message is this: let go or be dragged. This is not the time to look back. The way things were don’t fit with what is happening now. It’s time to find a new way. Make space for confusion, make space for uncertainty, and make space for growth especially with long term plans. Little boxes don’t suit you anymore. Take to the fields where you can be all that you are, and breathe.



Re-examine the beliefs you hold about yourself. There are depths yet undiscovered within you, and heights you’ve previously denied yourself. You deserve the same kind of love you’re offering to the world around you. Turn some of that compassion toward yourself. It’s not selfish to say yes to you, to say yes to choices and people that reciprocate. You don’t owe anyone anything just because they ask for it. Saying no to the people who are wrong for you is saying yes to yourself. Say yes to yourself.



It’s ok to take a chance, so long as you’re able to roll with the punches. Resist the urge to try to control things. Resist the urge to control. Unclench your fists and lighten your heart. Life is ridiculous at its core. All that effort trying to make things fit into one worldview could be better spent simply living and accepting what comes, playing what you’ve been dealt to the best of your abilities and influencing outcomes. Forget about how you think things should be. See what could be instead and bend with the curve.



All those little things (and big things) you’ve been avoiding need to be dealt with, now. Loose ends swiftly become a horrible knotted mess that takes a lot of energy, effort, and time to straighten out again. You know what’s been on your mind. You know what you need to do, what you’ve been putting off. There is no free and clear movement forward until you handle these things. This is not the time to expect or hope that others will step in and make it easier for you, because it wont work that way. These things will not simply resolve themselves. You absolutely must to give to get. You have to make your own moves and trust what’s on the other side. Once you do, you’ll wonder why you wasted so much time putting it all off.



If only our choices came with guarantees, it would be so much easier to make them. It’s been storm after storm for you but the way forward is finally beginning to clear. Use this time to dream, to envision, to fill your heart with hope again. Be present to the moment, because each moment is where memories are born. You’ve learned from your past. There are no guarantees, but that doesn’t mean any of the choices you’ve made were the wrong ones. Grab your new dream and hold onto it moving forward. It will light your way.



Find your voice and use it. Share your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas with the world because the world needs to hear what you have to say now more than ever. More importantly, your loved ones need to hear it. You’ve been listening, paying attention. Let them know. Let them know that you receive them.



You have so much love to give. Reach out. You’re fun and you’re free, but you also feel a lot more deeply than you may have been letting on. Now is the time to share. The healing of your heart is at hand. Whatever you express, express it without expectation. When you heal yourself, you become a conduit of healing for others, like a torch lighting another torch. What’s been happening within you is not anything you have to endure alone. When you speak up, you validate yourself, and others are also validated and encouraged to speak. Your community is waiting for you.



Do not ignore your intuition. Do not expect others to validate it. You are being challenged to stand in your own power now, fully and with confidence. Descend to the depths of yourself and find your strength. Take time away from others, away from activity, and listen. Find your true voice. You are deeply powerful. Feel it. Know it. Wield it.



Not everything is what it seems, for better or for worse. Your commitment to yourself and to the truth will be your greatest ally right now. Don’t lie to yourself about your feelings. Avoid pretense at all costs. Make allowances for others to figure out their own paths, but do’t swallow your perspective. There are unseen forces at work, so be patient. You don’t have every piece of the puzzle. Refrain from judgment, take things one step at a time and see what plays out.



Look and look again. Slow down. Pay attention. What you need to see can’t be found with a quick skim or assessment. Don’t miss the depths before you because you’re distracted by the reflection. Allow yourself to deepen. Look to the trees that have come before you and will be here long after you for wisdom and the truth of what makes an enduring legacy. It won’t spring forth from anything less than who you truly are.


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