January 31, 2024

Find a way to bring enchantment into your life every day Plan time for connection As a psychologist-magician (or psyche-magician as I like to call it) a question I often hear is, “How can I balance my magical practice with the demands of mundane daily life?” Or, “How do I balance having heightened awareness of the world’s subtle realms with the fact that I have to, like, pay bills and buy groceries?” The reply I usually give is that we... Read more

December 18, 2023

Spirit Marriage Developing a bonded relationship with a spirit Spirit marriage is the bonded or intimate relationship between a human and a subtle being such as a deity, spirit, or extraordinary intelligence. In this practice, the consciousness of the practitioner is linked or wedded to a specific entity, and the two beings share a co-creative consciousness as a result. It is a form of embodied spirituality and a transpersonal phenomenon. This practice has appeared in many cultures, among a strikingly... Read more

December 14, 2023

Normalizing The Paranormal Why your extraordinary spiritual experiences are important and valid. Have you ever had an extraordinary or numinous experience that you didn’t have a context for—like a precognitive dream, a waking vision, or contact with an extraordinary being like an ancestor or spirit? Perhaps something so strange or unusual from your regular way of experiencing the world that you either dismissed it as a something you imagined? Or worse, as something scary or dangerous? Well, you’re not the... Read more

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