Planning Pagan Families Includes Access To EC

Planning Pagan Families Includes Access To EC August 1, 2013


After 10 years of debate in the U.S., emergency contraception (EC) is now on store shelves nationwide.  Access to safe, reliable contraception is an essential part of our healthcare and ability to plan our families.

Today is the first day of an #ECOTC Week of Celebration planned from August 1st to August 8th. Check out the celebratory and informative Tumblr site where you can upload a photo of EC in your own hands.

We’ve discussed contraception so rarely here at Pagan Families that I hadn’t even created a Contraception category for posts until right now. I’d love to publish some guest posts about Pagan approaches to contraception of all kinds, emergency and otherwise. Oh, and if you take an #ECinOurHands photo, share it on our Facebook page too!

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