Book Notes: Mothering From Your Center

Book Notes: Mothering From Your Center July 14, 2014

I checked out Mothering From Your Center  from my local library and read it over the course of the spring. Tami Lynn Kent doesn’t write specifically for Pagans, but there’s so much in this book that would appeal to Pagan parents.

It’s a book focused on energy tools for pregnancy and birth as well as connecting birth energy with parenting.

“Just like the intense opening that happens in birth, there are times in mothering when your capacity will be stretched to its edges.” -Tami Lynn Kent

There are parts of her philosophy that I disagree with but there’s a lot to like here. I like that she acknowledges the sacred in the parenting journey.

“If the mothers knew their own bodies as sacred, then the children — and each one of us — could come into the womb as a sacred space.” -Tami Lynn Kent, Mothering From Your Center

I like that she holds space for diversity in pregnancy and parenting experience.

“It is essential to love ourselves no matter how our journey with fertility unfolds.” –Tami Lynn Kent, Mothering From Your Center 

“How you birth does not define your mothering.” -Tami Lynn Kent, Mothering From Your Center

I like that she combines parenting strategies with body work and ritual.

“When one of my children asks for something or climbs onto my lap, rather than feel as if he is taking energy from me, I use his request as a cue to expand my energy field toward spirit. In this way, we both receive replenishment from the Great Mother.” – Tami Lynn Kent, Mothering From Your Center

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