Pagan & Shinto News: World Media Covers Autumn Equinox Celebrations

Pagan & Shinto News: World Media Covers Autumn Equinox Celebrations September 23, 2018

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto for September 16th-23rd:

  • Pagan & Shinto News: World media covers Autumn Equinox celebrations
  • Baltic pagans plead Catholic Church to end opposition over their religious status
  • English Heritage seeks Stonehenge holiday snaps for 100 year anniversary

Coverage of the Autumn Equinox

Fall equinox 2018: What is the autumnal event celebrated by Google Doodle and how ‘mabon’ is marked by Pagans
The Mirror
The autumn equinox will take place just before 3am tomorrow morning and Pagans across the country will be preparing their altars…

Autumn Equinox 2018: How is the September Equinox celebrated?
The Autumn Equinox in the UK falls on the early pre-dawn hours of Sunday, September 23, this year…

Autumnal Equinox: Witches Share How They Celebrate
Teen Vogue
September 22 marks the 2018 Autumnal Equinox — a day when the sky is equal parts dark and light. It’s also the date that witches celebrate Mabon, one of the a pagan festivals in the Wheel of the Year…

Autumn Equinox 2018 – here’s how the end of summer is being celebrated in the UK
The Sun
Here’s all you need to know about the autumnal equinox taking place on September 23, including how it’s being celebrated…

Wondrous sights of the equinox
The Times
The autumn equinox, when there are roughly the same number of hours of daylight as night, will happen this Sunday, September 23. About the time of the equinox, some wondrous sights can appear in the sky…

See How the Fall Equinox Is Celebrated Around the World
National Geographic
From early-morning gatherings at Stonehenge to torch-bearing revelers parading through a city in Spain, people around the world herald the seasonal change in myriad ways…

20 of the world’s greatest autumn holidays
The Telegraph
The fact is that in exactly a week’s time, the autumn equinox will be upon us…

Pagan News

Romuva bride, via Wikimedia Commons

Baltic pagans plead Catholic Church to end opposition over their religious status
Latvian and Lithuanian neo-pagans have called on Pope Francis to end local Catholic opposition to their quest for religious recognition in the Baltic states, ahead of the pontiff’s visit to the region Saturday…

Witch says Beyonce might be very good at keeping secrets
Sarah Lyons, who writes for Teen Vogue and Fusion, is a host for Vice, and is witch-in-residence for online site Broadly, told Noisey in an interview that she wasn’t aware of Beyoncé being a witch or doing occult practices…

Author of Trump binding spell releases new book: Magic for the Resistance
The Wild Hunt
Michael M. Hughes and others wrote the original script for the Trump Binding Spell, which took the internet by storm that February…

Boy Scout helps Pagan food pantry
The Wild Hunt
Recently Bill Ehle, director of the Lansing food pantry Pagans in Need, received a phone call from a pantry in nearby Grand Ledge…

The Hoodwitch Brings Her Magic to Denim Floor at Bloomingdale’s
The Hoodwitch, aka Bri Luna, will be offering public tarot card readings during the launch event…


Inside Handfasting, The Deeply Symbolic Wedding Ceremony Trend
Author and Wiccan high priestess Deborah Blake tells Refinery29 that handfastings originated in the British Isles in the 12th century…

The Oldest Magic Book In The World
The Iranian
Considering the oldest magic book in the world, two titles stand out the Discoverie of Witchcraft and the Powers of Numbers…

Celebrating the odd, occult and otherworldly shops of Cleveland
As we inch closer to the haunting season, Halloween Express, Spirit Halloween and assorted seasonal pop-ups have begun invading the abandoned storefronts of Cleveland like a zombie retail invasion…

Wassail! The pagan origins of a Yuletide cider festival
The Growler
Wassailing is one of those wonderful British traditions that has just about managed to hang on into the 21st century…

Shinto News

Tradition reigns as Japan’s Princess Ayako and commoner Kei Moriya set wedding date
South China Morning Post
Among other ceremonies in the run-up to their marriage are “Kashikodokoro Koreiden Shinden ni Essuru no Gi,” in which Princess Ayako will pay respects at the three palace sanctuaries for the last time as a member of the imperial family…

New Japan exhibit including Shinto at Creative Discovery Museum
Times Free Press
In the Shinto shrine park, visitors will learn about the traditional, nature-based practices and beliefs of Shinto, an indigenous Japanese religion…

Artist reveals installation inspired by Shinto shrine
Kohira describes his beautiful dark twisted fantasy of pollution and fossil fuel as a ‘shrine to the creek’s dark history.’…

Japanese art inspired by Shinto spirituality on display in Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing
They commingled plant properties which may suggest an origin from the spiritual world with a primitive power rooted in the earth…

“Tsukimi”: The Japanese Tradition of Autumn Moon Viewing
Autumn moon viewing, or tsukimi, has long been a popular pastime in Japan…

Other News

English Heritage seeks Stonehenge holiday snaps for digital album
The Guardian
English Heritage is encouraging visitors to share their holiday snaps of trips to Stonehenge – the older the better – to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the monument belonging to the nation…

Rabbi condemns reconstructed Arch of Palmyra as “idolatry”
“An average person, Jew or non-Jew, has no tolerance for open idolatry. If someone built an altar to idolatry in the middle of a nice neighborhood, everyone would gather together to destroy it,” said Rabbi Berger…

‘We did it!’ – behind the decks at Paul Oakenfold’s Stonehenge rave
The Guardian
He’s played Everest and the Great Wall of China. So what happened when Oakenfold set out to become the first person ever to DJ at Stonehenge?…

Russian museum raises $60,000 to buy ancient Egyptian magic wand

Russia’s Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts has collected over four mln rubles ($60,200) to purchase an ancient Egyptian magic wand for its collection so now less than two million rubles ($28,000) remain to be collected…

Ancient 2,000-year-old Egyptian sphinx discovered by chance
The Sun
The sandstone statue that was stumbled upon is believed to date back to the Ptolemaic era, between 305BC and 30BC…

Satanic Temple headquarters in Salem set to re-open to the public
Metro USA
After extensive renovations, you’ll be able to once again visit the Satanic Temple Headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts…

Stonehenge-Like Structures Are Being Discovered Around Ireland – Here’s How To Visit
The Travel
But while they may not have had clouds, there was still a pretty big silver lining, as the drought uncovered evidence that one of the country’s greatest treasures may still have a lot to offer…

‘Yakuza Tattoo’: Inside the secretive world of the yakuza’s tattoos
Japan Times
And this is Johansson’s main takeaway from his research: That, whatever their skin-deep appearance, the tattoos take on a significance that runs far deeper in the minds of their owners, into the realm of the spiritual…

London’s Japan Matsuri celebrates 10th anniversary
See Japan
Just as we hit the One Year To Go mark and applications go live for Japan Rugby World Cup 2019 tickets, Japan Matsuri festival will take over Trafalgar Square on Sunday 30th September…

Man Hacks Wife To Death For Practising ‘Witchcraft’ in Odisha, India
A man allegedly hacked his wife to death for practising ‘witchcraft’ at Mundodara village under Belpada police limits in the district late last night…

Bible-toting dad cages sick ‘wizard’ son, 16, in dungeon-like room for 2 years

A bible-believing Christian father at New Nkosukum, Mankessim, Central Region, has, for the past two years, caged his 16-year-old son, Samuel Kofi Ntsiful, in a stinky poorly-ventilated 10×10 room, just waiting for him to die…

Villagers torch three houses accusing owner of witchcraft in Kenya
Last week the angry villagers, including the pupils, matched Isaiah Kutai’s  homestead and torched his house and two others in the compound.

Man commits suicide over links to witchcraft in Kenya
A 50-year-old man committed suicide on Saturday evening at Kebirigo after he was allegedly named to among the witches troubling residents in the area…

15 Enchanting TV Shows About Witches
Entertainment Cheat Sheet
As we gear up to watch all of the latest enchanting TV shows on witches, including a Charmed reboot The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and check out 15 TV shows that center on some legendary sorcerers…

Bedknobs, Broomsticks and Buffy: Our Favourite Witches
Most people have at least one very special witch that haunts their dreams or perhaps their nightmares, who they love, fear, or aspire to be. Here are some of ours…


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