Pagan & Shinto News: ‘War shrine’ chief priest to quit after criticising Emperor

Pagan & Shinto News: ‘War shrine’ chief priest to quit after criticising Emperor October 14, 2018

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto for October 7th – 14th:

  • ‘War shrine’ chief priest to quit after criticism of Emperor
  • Witches turn to magic in response to Kavanaugh
  • First ancient stone Thor’s Hammer found in Iceland

Pagan News

Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Public domain.

We “refuse to be silent any longer”: magic as self-care after Kavanaugh
Modern-day witches are creating rituals to foster solidarity, activism, and healing…

Survey reveals witchcraft widespread among lesbians and trans people
28% of trans people and 14.5% cis women surveyed identify as witches or practise witchcraft…

Turner Entertainment opposes use of ‘Wicked Witch’ in trademark
The Wild Hunt
Turner Entertainment Company has filed an opposition with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to stop witch and Pagan elder Dorothy Morrison from trademarking her brand name ‘Wicked Witch Mojo.”…

Witchcraft rising in US as Christianity declines
Life Site
Recent decades have seen a dramatic rise in paganism and the number of Americans identifying as witches while Christian denominations have been losing members, according to a new report…

California Pagans join interfaith contingent in global climate march
The Wild Hunt
The people of faith contingent, which included Pagans, had an estimated 3,000 marchers and formed about 10 percent of the entire march…

Beyoncé ‘Extreme Witchcraft’ Restraining Order Officially Dismissed
The Blast
The woman who claimed Beyoncé practices “extreme witchcraft” and “dark magic” did not show up to court today, so her attempt to get a restraining order against the singer is officially over…

Stevie Nicks’ Long History With Witchcraft, From ‘Rhiannon’ to ‘AHS: Apocalypse’
ET Online
Now, with Nicks set to return to her Coven days on Apocalypse, it’s time to re-examine one of rock and roll’s most infamous rumors…

Mystic Beauty: Unpacking The Crystal Healing Make-Up Trend
From perfumes supercharged with sacred stones to crystal healing manicures, we examine the latest trend of incorporating ancient pagan practices into modern beauty routines…

Shinto News

Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo. By Kakidai [CC BY-SA 4.0]
Yasukuni Shrine: Chief priest to quit after criticising Japan’s emperor
BBC News
The chief priest at Japan’s controversial Yasukuni Shrine is to resign after making remarks highly critical of Emperor Akihito…

The art of sumo wrestling: From religious ritual to elite sport
The Independent
It is believed that sumo first originated as part of a Shinto religious ceremony to welcome in the new year…

In Japan’s Dying Countryside, Ancient Festivals Struggle To Live
South China Morning Post
Shrinking rural communities have put the future of many traditional celebrations in doubt…

Michael Pye on Shinto pilgrimages
Green Shinto
The academic Michael Pye is known for his work on Buddhist pilgrimages, though in his book on the subject he devotes a chapter to consideration of comparable Shinto practices…

Other News

Modern Thor’s Hammer amulet. By Gunnar Creutz [CC0]
Archaeologists discover Thor’s Hammer amulet at previously unexplored site in S. Iceland
Iceland Magazine
The find is particularly important because this is the first Thor’s Hammer carved out of stone to be found in Iceland…

Guyana scrubs witchcraft laws
Caribbean Life
Saying it wants to update several colonial era statutes, Guyana’s government this week announced plans to remove mandatory fines and jail terms for people who practice Voodoo, Obeah or witchcraft…

Pendle Witch walk author wins damages from council
Lancashire Telegraph
Lancashire County Council has been ordered to pay the author of a Pendle Witch walking guide more than £19,000 for illegally copying his work…

Purify the hate of Internet jeers with Japanese temple’s first online ceremonial fire
Now you can collect up all the online roasts you’ve received and cast them into this cyberfire…

‘Vampire child’ discovered buried in Italy with stone in mouth
Sky News
The discovery of a 10-year-old’s body at a Roman site in Italy provides “eerie and weird” evidence of ancient “vampire burials”…

New Stonehenge display reveals ancient tensions
Spire FM
English Heritage and the British Museum have come together to stage the exhibition which examines the shifting relationship between the British Isles and mainland Europe during the Neolithic and Bronze Ages…

‘Stone of London’ is returned to Cannon Street
The Wild Hunt
The ‘stone of London’ has been returned to its rightful place this autumn. But what’s the history behind this sooty old piece of oolitic limestone? Where has it been? And why is its return a matter of importance?…

Deer in Nara have their antlers trimmed
NHK World
Visitors flocked to Japan’s ancient capital of Nara to watch a centuries’ old event. The prefecture’s popular herd of deer had their antlers trimmed…

India: Artist threatened over menstruating goddess illustration
Free Muse
Mitra’s work highlights how his wife won’t be able to take part in the upcoming Durga Puja festival if she is menstruating, since menstruating women are considered ‘impure’ and banned from places of worship…

Home of John Proctor, accused witch, for sale
Item Live
In the 1690s, John Proctor and his wife, Elizabeth, who lived in the 11-room home, were accused of witchcraft. Now, Joseph Cipoletta, an agent for J. Barrett & Co., has listed the historic Colonial for $600,000…

10 Things to Stop Believing About the Salem Witch Trials
Reader’s Digest
Test your knowledge about one of the darkest times in colonial America…

20 Years Later, Tracing the History behind Harry Potter’s Witchcraft and Wizardry
Here, we share some of the objects that inspired the adventures and practices of Harry Potter’s wizarding world…

Here’s how Bible stories mimic common literary tropes about magic and wizardry
Raw Story
As monotheism displaced prior forms of worship, traditional folk magic became associated with earlier and competing religious traditions…

Elderly targeted in Kwale villages over witchcraft claims
Daily Nation
Msambweni Deputy County Commissioner Ronald Enyakasi, said there are many instances in which the elderly are accused of witchcraft in an attempt by the youngsters to inherit property and land…

Man said he stabbed woman because ‘she was a witch and he had to slay her,’ court docs say
Grand Forks Herald
Court documents allege Azizov told police he spent three weeks stalking and plotting to kill a woman he knew because he believed she was “the cause of all the stress and negativity in his life.” He allegedly stabbed her Sept. 5 outside her apartment…

Accused of witchcraft, tribal man’s fingers cut off in Bengal’s Birbhum
Hindustan Times
A tribal man had all his 10 fingers cut off on the orders of a kangaroo court in Bengal’s Birbhum district on suspicion that he was a practitioner of witchcraft…

Woman Banished Over Witchcraft, Gives Birth On The Street
Within Nigeria
According to NationalHelms, a woman identified as Maria, was accused of withcraft and as a result, was banished from her community in Delta state…

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