Pagan & Shinto News: Fundraisers Walking Ancient Route In Pagan Outfits

Pagan & Shinto News: Fundraisers Walking Ancient Route In Pagan Outfits September 1, 2021

Top stories of the week in Paganism and Shinto:

  • UK: Multiple sclerosis fundraisers walking ancient route in Pagan outfits
  • Figurines of ancient fertility goddess found in Turkey
  • Recent excavations in Spain’s Salamanca uncovers amulets belonging to Egyptian deity Hathor

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Left: Statue of Cybele, found in a Phrygian gateway on the Büyükkale hill in the Hittite capital Ḫattuša, Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara (Ingeborg Simon, CC BY-SA 3.0). Right: Statue of Hathor, British Museum (Yair Haklai, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Pagan News

UK: Multiple sclerosis fundraisers walking ancient route in Pagan outfits
Eleven women are taking on a fundraising walk from Stonehenge to Avebury, dressed in pagan costumes…

US: Pagan fest bringing drums and dance to Dankwardt Park
The Hawk Eye
About 30 vendor booths will decorate Dankwardt Park Saturday when an annual pagan festival and gathering returns to the 72-acre municipal park at 2305 Madison Ave…

Excommunicated Spanish ‘witch’ village turns curse into tourist cash
The Guardian
Embracing its strange past is a blessing for Trasmoz as thousands flock to its witchcraft attractions…

What is Wicca? An expert on modern witchcraft explains.
The Conversation

Wicca, an alternative minority religion whose adherents, regardless of gender, call themselves witches, began in the U.K. in the 1940s…

Autumn Equinox brings science and mythology together
Irish Examiner
Our ancestors who built stone circles poured their hearts and souls into their construction…

Shinto News

Cures and remedies and the Tokyo temples and shrines that dispense them
Japan Today
Native remedies aside, for most of Japanese history, the most popular way to treat an illness or affliction was by appealing to the gods. As a result, many Tokyo shrines and temples have become associated with health and healing…

This shrine in Japan looks too beautiful to exist in our world
A gorgeous sight from a part of Japan that isn’t on many travelers’ itineraries…

Misogi pond: Rise and shine early to glimpse the goddess of the sun

The Asahi Shimbun
Misogi pond is considered one of Japan’s most sacred places….

LGBTQ at Jinja
LGBTQ people are welcome to visit jinja and pay their respects to the kami, just like any other member of the general public…

Other News

Figurines of ancient fertility goddess found in Turkey
TRT World
An excavation led by Felix Pirson and assisted by Guler Ates has found Kybele terracotta figurines dating back to two millennia in and around the Bergama site, suggesting the cult of the Anatolian mother goddess was going strong during ancient times…

Recent excavations in Spain’s Salamanca uncovers amulets belonging to Egyptian deity Hathor
Egypt Today
The recent excavation of the San Vicente Hill in Salamanca, central northern Spain, uncovered amulets of the Egyptian goddess Hathor, which was made in ancient Egypt and reached the peninsula around 1000 BC…

UK: The ancient well in Solihull which dates back 1,000 years and plans to protect it
Birmingham Live
Berkswell Society has said it is likely the area had once been home to a pagan shrine, hundreds of years before the parish church was built nearby..

France: Celtic treasure found at 3,000-year-old Bronze Age hillfort
Mail Online
A Bronze Age hillfort in France may represent a lost Celtic capital city, archaeologists said after finding treasures there including jewellery, weapons and chariot parts…

Four-legged whale discovered in Egypt named after Anubis, god of the dead
IFL Science
Named Phiomicetus anubis, after the jackal-headed Egyptian god of the dead, it was about three meters (9.8 feet) long and weighed in at 600 kilograms (1,323 pounds)…

UK: Roman Circus exhibit explores Colchester’s connection with Isis cult

Daily Gazette
The Cult of Isis, goddess of fertility and motherhood, originated in ancient Egypt before spreading from Greece to the Roman empire, where it was absorbed into Roman religion…

Aardman animator brings the Irish myth of Cú Chulainn to comics
Games Radar
The classic Irish myth of the Hound of Ulster is being adapted and modernized in the new original graphic novel Hound…

Researches in Romania unearth Neolithic tomb spanning back 6,000 years in Transylvania
Egypt Today
Researchers working on a historical site in Romania before industrial construction on the surface of the earth discovered a Neolithic tomb dating back 6000 years in Transylvania…

‘Witch Hunts’ Past & Present

India: Women persecuted for suspected ‘witchcraft’ tie rakhi on doctor who stood by them

The New Indian Express
A Raipur-based doctor and rationalist, who has been relentlessly raising his voice against the practice of women being beaten ruthlessly and socially boycotted for suspected ‘witchcraft’, was thanked by the victims a day after Raksha Bandhan…

South Africa: Four murdered over ‘witchcraft’ allegations
The Witness
A long-standing feud over alleged ‘witchcraft’ activities among the Mabuza family members in Manguzi, northern KZN, has resulted in the brutal murder of three people this week…

India: Elderly man stoned to death over ‘witchcraft suspicion’
Ommcom News
An elderly man identified as Sunia Suren was stoned to death by unidentified miscreants on Tuesday…

India: Police rescue woman held in captivity over ‘witchcraft’
Odisha TV
Police on Monday rescued a woman who was kept in captivity by the residents of Chemachata village under Kuldiha wildlife sanctuary in Balasore for allegedly practising ‘witchcraft’…

Why new petition on Witchcraft Act is being presented to Scottish Parliament
The National
A petition is being presented today at 10am to the Citizen Participation and Public Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament, seeking a pardon for all those convicted in Scotland under the infamous Witchcraft Act between 1563 and 1736…

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