Full Moon Child: Pentagram Ritual

Full Moon Child: Pentagram Ritual April 30, 2010

I was born at five minutes passed midnight on the night of a full moon, in the depths of winter, hence the moon has always been my solace and healer; She was there for me even before I understood who or what I was; She pulls the blood within me like She pulls the tides.

This lunar affinity has always been for me the face of my Goddess, a visual sigil of Divine benevolence and a necessary part of my ritual celebrations.

So what do I do if She is hidden behind clouds? Well in truth it happens as often as not, and knowing She is still there I just carry one regardless. I almost always celebrate outside under the heavens and surrounded by nature. Unless working a definite spell or healing I take with me no tools, just myself; my truth, and love, and my intent.

I do not use candles, nor build a fire, in my woodland grove I allow myself to become a conduit for healing energies flowing from the spirit world above, down to here below. I simply stand beneath the heavens, hopefully bathed in moonlight; I do not physically cast the circle but instead I become ‘pentagram’, and then petition all my needs.

Its a moving experience and one I highly recommend others to try because anyone can do it , you don’t need to be a Pagan – all you need is a belief in a benevolent Divinity.

Here is my ritual-

I look to the East, and breath deeply, “Air within me; breath of life, East I salute you.”

Next I look to the South, imagine the hot summer noonday sun, “Fire that burns and cleanses; passion to fuel my intent, South I salute you.

Then I look to the West, and imagine gentle rain falling, “Waters flowing from the mountains to the seas, wash over me, heal me; West I salute you.”

Finally I look to the North, the trees are all around me and I listen for animal company, “I look to the North, and my beloved trees, bless me with your ancient wisdom, Earth I salute you.

My circle is cast, I am one with the elements, we are one- together we are Pentagram.”

This is your portal into simple Pagan communion with Mother Nature, try it, She is always waiting, listening, caring and providing, there is no better love.

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