Fresh From Festival

Fresh From Festival June 14, 2010

Sunkissed and bug-bit I am fresh from a private Pagan festival. The covens of my tradition came together last weekend for classes, rituals and partying in a moonless night.

I don’t have anything really deep to say about it but with PSG gearing up I thought I’d share some random thoughts from the weekend.

First, Pagans are truly fabulous people. Being in the woods with Witches was a really incredibly beautiful experience. They are such warm, mindful, thoughtful people. I truly love my faith community, and ESPECIALLY my tradition. Spending some quality time with my coven was awesome.

Secondly, the sacred manifests in various ways. I went to festival looking forward to ritual, but ended up sitting around a campfire instead. The sacred finds you in surprising places. I have some small regret for not attending ritual but spending time with fire and friends was a sacred experience in and of itself. Our lives are busy and festivals are busy but sometimes taking time to stare at a fire for several hours is food for the soul.

Thirdly, you should buy an air mattress. One night on the ground is fine but that second night leaves you feeling like you’ve been beaten by mischievous sprites wielding baseball bats all night long. Do what you need to be comfortable. Bring only what you need and bring what you need to be comfortable.

That’s what I got. I hope you enjoy the festivals coming up and if you’re going to PSG look me up and say Hello!

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  • Sara A.

    Also a big fan of air mattresses :) I find personally that it helps to set up my own little sacred space…that I find even very nice people tiring after a while and need to retreat and recharge.

  • I’m considering setting up a small altar at my campsite. We’ll see. I want to be comfortable and relaxed without packing the kitchen sink.