Look Back And Remember

Look Back And Remember June 30, 2010

Please let this Summer Solstice 2010 with all the present pollution issues and political problems, serve to remind each and every member of humanity, no matter what faith or creed, that once not so long ago we all shared the same beliefs. We held a simple child-like wonderment of nature and sought the same answers from our Earth Mother. The archaeological record demonstrates that for over 30,000 years throughout the globe we held the same embrace of spirituality, a universal belief that a divine benevolent and approachable spirit force watched over us.

Though over time this divinity varied greatly in concept, with a multitude of names and abundant imagery, depending upon the culture it served; indeed even within these cultures beliefs evolved and progressed, yet still spirituality had its roots in life, the ecology of this planet; religion was earth based. Humanity was accepted as part of the eternal circle of life, whether passively through farming and cultivation or aggressively through war and devastation; we were at all times ‘of this earth’ and destined to ‘return to the earth’, and the spirit force resided therein.

It makes me want to weep when I observe how far humanity has progressed and yet lost this aspect of belonging, now so many faiths treat our blessed Mother Earth like She is a mere insignificant ‘stop over’ on the way to another better destination; little wonder that there is no respect. Until we look back and find the lost ancient wisdom of our universal heritage I fear we have little hope of healing this modern world.


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