Jezebel VS The Daily Show: Pagan Perspective

Jezebel VS The Daily Show: Pagan Perspective July 8, 2010

This morning a story about a war of words between Jezebel and The Daily Show caught my eye in between Warren Buffett acting cute and Lindsay Lohan going to jail. It seemed to suggest The Daily Show was sexist, and as a fan I wanted to get to the bottom of it. So I read all the sides and as a feminist I’m really peeved at Jezebel.

Here’s the scoop: Jezebel ran a story interviewing women who lost their jobs at The Daily Show and who couldn’t get hired at The Daily Show about how the show is run by sexist pigs. Let’s ignore the fact that these women are obviously bitter at the show and didn’t fit the show’s culture for a moment. If you are being told The Daily Show is sexist what does that bring to mind? Less than 10% of the staff being female? Wide-spread sexual harassment? Lawsuits being filed left and right by former female employees? That would be a good story right? Full of righteous indignation?

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  • Oh, and for the record: Olivia Munn, Beth Littleford and Stacy Glenrock Woods are funny. Why denigrate their talent and say they were hired for their looks? Unless it’s to feed into a paradigm of female victimhood?

  • Amen sister! Great post!

  • (applauseclapclapwhistleclapclapclap)


    I was going to quote some particularly “nail, meet hammer” lines, but there are too many. I’ve worked in construction and landscaping on and off for 20+ years, and found that my worst backstabbers and non team players were other women who were masking an overdeveloped sense of entitlement and personal insecurity problems as human rights issues.