Spell for Friendship

Spell for Friendship July 6, 2010

Spell for Friendship and Sisterhood

This spell is to be worked around the kitchen table or similar- have friends present if possible. you could make it an old fashioned tea party. Wear organic clothing, each individual pick their favourite colour of the rainbow, then come dressed in that colour. On the table have a beautiful mixed coloured candle or a cluster of many coloured ones; have a small bowl or basket with moonstones in it, one for each friend; have a plate (or several plates) of cookies, cakes, or something special, it could be almost anything that you know everyone present will enjoy.
All spells should be crafted within a sacred circle, so cast your circle around the table , start in the EAST, go deosil/clockwise, if you have friends sharing the ritual perhaps they can help call the Quarters . Remember to place the candle upon the table in a fire proof container, likewise if you choose to burn incense.

Friendship spell:
This spell can be worked at anytime, even at your 11 o’clock tea break, or 3pm Tiffin!
Light candle, Cast circle.
Within your circle around the table, sit, ground and centre yourselves- breathe deeply, be one with creation, gaze into the flame of the central candle. As hostess pour drinks and handing them to each friend in turn say, “May you never thirst” Then pass the plate of biscuits or cakes saying “May you never hunger” as it passes from friend to friend each should repeat this blessing. Now YOU the hostess says:

“We are gathered in friendship, daughters of Eve,
As individual and beautiful as the colours of the rainbow,
Yet we are one.
A sisterhood bound by blood and the call of the moon.
Gracious Selene who has gazed down upon us through time and space,
Never let us forget our heritage, our true worth and our craft.
Henceforth let this moonstone remind us that we are rainbow sisters,
Bless us with the love and support of enduring friendship.”

Pass around the bowl of moonstones and each take one, it is an amulet of friendship and fellowship; place it somewhere safe.

Enjoy the party and remember people need to be told their good points, and that they are loved and appreciated, The moonstones will be your reminder of this day; henceforth Selene will bless you and your friends, but She will also expect in return that you never let a gathering turn into a session of negative gossip.

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