Witch as Healer

Witch as Healer July 7, 2010

Why Witches make good healers

A witch generally has many healing tools in her Mary Poppins carpet bag, a knowledge of herbs, lithics (crystals), massage, dream analysis, and all manner of divination to mention but a few. She is therefore very capable of picking up on shadows of negativity in a persons aura whilst still in the spiritual plain, before they progress into the physical plain, and often while they are still lurking like a time bomb hidden within suppressed emotions on the emotional plain.

This happens all too frequently for we live in such a fast moving world with deadlines to meet and criteria to fulfill; most people are so busy listening to the commands of their job, whilst attempting to balance this with the daily demands of family life, that unless the body actually throws a spanner in the works they ignore or fail to register the tiny warning signs that are regularly sent.

Regular GP visits will pick up on physical signs, blood pressure, sugar levels, allergies, constant exhaustion but by then the warning light is well and truly turned on. However having your tarot read periodically often informs, “Take better care of yourself- you are trying to spread yourself too thinly- you need to take ‘time-out’ for you.” It will in Red Dwarf terms cause the ‘Blue Alert’ light to start flashing, and by heeding this warning you may well manage to avoid the need to change the light bulb!

I know that many of the modern religions unfortunately see divination as mere superstition and forbid its use; this is downright prohibitive, not just unfortunate but cruel and ignorant. Remember you are not just flesh and blood, but spirit also, and it is your duty to care for your whole self, mind, body and soul.

Yes a tarot reader will want payment for time and expertise, but so does your doctor; shop around, find one you trust and one that is reasonable. You may wish to ask permission to record the reading for later consideration, or just so that you do not forget it. But above all else listen to what your reader says, and then make sure you heed her advice.


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  • Hmm. I dunno. It all seems to still be working on the ‘illness intervention’ model, not wellness, not fitness, not personal control. I don’t see people going to healers or to tarot readers for prevention, they go to get out of existing problems.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if witches taught folks wellness and how to be independent of reliance on others for healing/divination? So many of us witches are, as one news article put it, “women of a certain size” – and have the blood pressure issues, the diabetes/pre-diabetes/etc issues that so often go along with that. Take me, for example, as I was just turned down for health insurance due to weight and blood pressure issues. But no one blinks if I say I can help others heal ‘crisis’ type problems! It’s ‘just’ healthy lifestyle I personally fail at, and can’t well talk to others about other than sharing my failures at it.

    Of course, if the healers in ‘witch community’ (and if there is one is an issue for a whole different string of posts) spoke up about our weight and chronic self-imposed health issues there would likely be clashes between the ‘acceptance’ sides and the ‘do you really WANT diabetes’ sides.

  • I think divination is a good way to check in on your health but I also think general wellness should be a priority.

    I will never be a thin person but I gained far too much weight at an old job and shedding those pounds is a priority for me. So acceptance and wellness can go hand in hand.

    Healing is something I’m trying to learn carefully. I’ve listened to a lot of Witches talk about how they heal and their successes and failures. I think we have to be very careful how we heal and I think we need to learn about the body and it’s ailments rather than just flooding someone with energy (which cancer cells love).

    One thing I’m focusing on now is learning to treat specific symptoms with sympathetic magic, and learning to cleanse people of excess energy. As a Witch, I want to make sure my loved ones aren’t so pumped full of energy they obscure problems when tested by a physician. I think learning to prepare people for x-rays and such by grounding and cleansing may be quite powerful tools in our healers arsenal!