Christine O’Donnell Dabbled In Witchcraft and Reagan Used Psychics

Christine O’Donnell Dabbled In Witchcraft and Reagan Used Psychics September 20, 2010

In the past, I’ve dabbled in Christianity. I was seeing this Pentecostal man and I just sort of got sucked into it briefly. I mean, I didn’t handle snakes or speak in tongues. But yeah, I dabbled. It involved a guy. Big deal.

This anecdote from my life isn’t all that interesting. It certainly wouldn’t prevent me from running for office or be held against me when seeking employment. It’s a non-issue. So why is Christine O’Donnell dabbling in Witchcraft any different?

In fact why is any political candidate’s religious views and/or history applicable at all? I am not voting them into office to give me moral instruction. I am not expecting them to stand up in the Senate and deliver a homily on the Beatitudes. In fact, I have every reasonable expectation that regardless of their religion, they will do their job as best as they can and preserve the rights and freedoms of all Americans to religious expression. So no, I don’t think a past involvement with Witchcraft has any bearing on her ability to perform the duties of a Senator.

The idea that Witchcraft or Wicca is a negative for a political candidate shows what a sad state of affairs our electoral process is in. It shows how ignorant the American public is to fall for the “scary boogeyman” tactics of the media. “Christine O’Donnell once briefly in her teens did something we don’t quite understand and we don’t think she quite understands what it was either, but she made it sound weird and we despise anything weird and unfamiliar.”

Politicians like Barack Obama and Bobby Jindal have to deal with crap constantly because ignorant people are terrified they might secretly be praying to Allah or Krishna. Really? Who cares? It’s what they do that’s important, not what they believe. Ronald Reagan used psychics and Republicans revere him for what he did, not because he believed in obtaining occult guidance.

Quite frankly the whole thing annoys the crud out of me. O’Donnell is obviously ignorant of Witchcraft, intimating it’s a dubious practice associated with Satanism, blood, and midnight picnics with men. Sounds more like she went for the dark mysterious dude in high school who figured a midnight picnic full of spooky tales was likely to make her clingy and amorous.

In my wildest dreams the media would interview Selena Fox, Margot Adler, Patrick McCollum and other experts on Witchcraft, Wicca and Paganism. The world would listen to them and realize not only is Witchcraft not a detriment for a political candidate but that O’Donnell knows little to nothing about it. Which really means she dabbled in the mystique of Witchcraft instead. Which may make people wonder “Is she just dabbling in the mystique of the Tea Party now?” THAT is the real story. THAT is what’s interesting.

If you want something to use against Christine O’Donnell then how about the fact that she’s anti-abortion, anti-masturbation, anti-premarital-sex, anti-stem-cells, anti-gay-marriage Palin-esque whack job who would sell out Anne Frank to the Nazis rather than tell a lie? No self-respecting Witch would make such a statement, I assure you.

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  • Well said, though I think Satianists do have their own “brand” of witchcraft, so that statement might be accurate.

    That said, I agree with you, it shouldn’t matter what she did or didn’t do as far as religion grows. Sadly, it is both sides of the political spectrum that are “Burning the Witch” so to speak.

    Btw, where did you get the Anne Frank thing? I haven’t heard of that.

  • Norse Alchemist, check the link. There’s a video there of it.

  • Peter Dybing

    Sometimes your wildest dreams come true. about an hour ago someone with ABC approached some well known leaders in the craft for a clarification, we will see how it comes out.

  • HuffPo is interviewing Selena Fox among others. So yeah, good stuff!

  • cara

    Norse – she did say that she wouldn’t lie – even to save someone like Anne Frank from someone like Hitler. Which is an ethical debate that Christians have had and actually faced during WWII.

    Corrie Ten Boom and her family who were Christians who hid Jews faced exactly this dilemma. They were hiding thier brothers (who were in the resistance) under the floor of their home and the nazi’s came knocking. They asked where the boys were, so they could take them away. Corrie’s sister told the truth and said that the boys were hiding under the table. The nazi’s briefly glanced under the table, thought she was being flip, and left. The family then had an argument over what was the right thing to do – lie or tell the truth.

    Me? I would have lied and I have a hard time understanding why someone wouldn’t under those circumstances.

  • Exactly what I’ve been thinking this whole time! It would be wonderful if someone who truly is a Wiccan politician said “yeah, so what?” to the media…but O’Donnell’s idea of “Witchcraft” is purely made up. Who the hell has picinics at night next to a Satanic altar that has blood on it and calls it a date?! Seems to me the girl was attracted to the “bad boys” and these boys happily played along, feeding her imagination.

    She didn’t “dabble” in “Witchcraft”…she dabbled in boys that wanted to look cool. Someone please recite the Wiccan Rede to this woman and ask her what it is so we can shut her up on her “knowledge” of this religion.

  • As always Star you hit it right on the head. Good to see so many people getting what you wrote out.

    Lady Bless,

  • The O’Donnell video and follow up media commentary are political gambits to impugn her character and fitness as a candiate. The tactical form is a commonplace in campaigns, even though the content changes from race to race and candidate to candidate.

    I think that “witchcraft” is taking a big hit from as this little episode plays out in the media and interwebs. But that it really has nothing to do with witchcraft as an actual spiritual movement in the USA. It’s just a tactic to tar and feather a candidate somehow. If the old video had mentioned “dabbling” in Star Trek fandom or in social credit theories, that’s what O’Donnell would’ve been painted with.

    I do think that a candidate’s religious views do influence her or his fitness to hold office. Voters are entitled to take such things into consideration. Plenty of political decisions are not religion-neutral.

    But, best I can figure out, O’Donnell is sincerely some stripe of Roman Catholic. So I suspect that she would generally as an office holder oppose most pro-witchcraft proposals.

  • Elizabeth Scalia

    Will link this to my own O’ Donnell piece, Star. Although, in fairness to the candidate, she has copped to a “masturbation maturation” of sorts, and it is always, always, always unfair to mischaracterize Christians (or Catholics) as “anti-stem-cell.” Both support ADULT stem cell research quite vociferously (the Catholics church has even contributed money to ASC research). Adult stem cell research has already yielded over 80 successful therapies/treatments for blood disorders, spinal cord injuries, and more. Embryonic stem cell research, beyond the moral and ethical questions, has yielded nothing useful.

    Sorry but this is a bugaboo of mine. The press has successfully managed to completely misrepresent the Christians considered ethical objections to EMBRYONIC stem cell research by presenting it all as wild-eyed, anti-science know-nothingism and completely refusing to acknowledge the very clear distinctions the Christians make between the Adult and Embryonic stem cells. Too many then simply swallow that created (and false) impression as “fact” and then lazily spit it into debate, as though they are talking about a reality.

    It is not a difficult thing to acknowledge that Christians are supportive of Adult stem cell research and encouraging of the science, but for many in media it gets in the way of the negative stereotypes they’re trying to either create or perpetuate. Hence, my going on and on about it here! :-)


  • Timothy Dalrymple

    My understanding is that Nancy was the only one really to consult astrologers. She was convinced that psychics were onto something. Ronald didn’t have much use for it. The article you cite is not a good article; it has more allusions and inferences than actual, supported historical claims.

    It’s long been known that Nancy consulted astrologers, and I think I would have heard more about it if Ronald had done the same. This is the first time I’ve heard the claim, and the article on which it’s based doesn’t inspire much confidence.

    That said, I agree that this is a silly bugaboo. I don’t see any reason to doubt that Christine O’Donnell was recounting an actual experience. That many years ago, there were a number of things called witchcraft, and it may not have actually been Wicca but some faux-satanism or Dungeons-and-Dragons-inspired silliness. (I love D&D, I’m just saying that some people thought it was cool to dress up and play at these things.)