Pagan Spirit Gathering Seeks New Home

Pagan Spirit Gathering Seeks New Home November 12, 2010

You may remember that I fell in love this past summer. It was with a lovely family-friendly festival and all the amazing people who have made it happen for the past 30 years. I wrote about my experience at Pagan Spirit Gathering, Jason Pitzl-Waters of The Wild Hunt shared his thoughts on the unique event and the Pagan Centered Podcast processed endless hours of audio interviews from the festival. It’s an amazing event that everyone should experience at least once, and now it needs a new home.

Camp Zoe is facing some legal difficulties that predate it’s involvement with PSG, making it’s future as a reliable venue very uncertain. With the nature of the difficulties and the need to have a reliable location for PSG, Circle Sanctuary has decided to seek out a new home for PSG. Circle’s statement:

Since learning on November 9th about legal difficulties now connected with the Camp Zoe site in Missouri that we have rented for the past two years, the Pagan Spirit Gathering Executive Committee has begun a search for a new site for PSG 2011.

The dates for PSG 2011 remain June 19-26.

I look forward to the announcement of the new location so I can map my route and plot my course for PSG 2011. I am confident that PSG will find a new home and I will see all of you after the “51 week supply run.”

Personally, my thoughts are with Jimmy Tebeau and his family and staff. I don’t know anything about other events hosted at Camp Zoe but during PSG 2010 they were kind, friendly, helpful and very responsible, family-oriented people. In my experience they are good people and I pray they receive justice and fairness as this issue plays out. Especially as they fight to keep their property. The River Front Times reports:

The paperwork shows that the authorities hope to use a mechanism called asset forfeiture to take the property. Under a forfeiture, they would not need to convict the property’s owners of a crime — or even charge them with one. The burden of proof is much lower.

Hopefully in a few days I can report that PSG has found a new home, Camp Zoe is resolving it’s legal issues and all is right with the world. With a new Harry Potter film around the corner and Yule on it’s way, it’s definitely a season of magic and miracles!

For more info check out the post at The Wild Hunt.

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