13 Songs for Ostara!

13 Songs for Ostara! March 19, 2011

I nearly forgot. Nearly let this slip by. Which would be a shame because with Ostara I’ve created song lists for all 8 Wiccan Sabbats. Which is kinda nifty!

13. Ostara by Lisa Thiel

12. Lord of the Dance by Gwydion Pendderwen

11. Spring Strathspey by Taste Like More(?)

10. Prayer to Eostre by WordedRite

9. Eostre by Forefather

An epic metal instrumental to get the blood stirring.

8. Eostre’s Dance by River

Another yummy instrumental.

7. Blodeuwedd by Damh the Bard

6. Rabbit’s Song by SJ Tucker

5. I Walk With The Goddess by Kellianna

4. The Circle Song by Wendy Rule

3. The Goddess and the Weaver by Spiral Dance

2. Merry May Folk by Emerald Rose

This is my default spring song!

1. Witch of the Westmoreland by Barbara Dickson

The best revival and rejuvenation song!

May abundance spring forth in your life! Blessed Ostara to you all!

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