New 13 Songs for Beltane

New 13 Songs for Beltane April 29, 2011

I started doing a song playlist for Sabbats at Beltane last year and revisiting the old post made me realize that I needed to shake things up a bit. So here’s a few from the old list and a few new songs to to get you ready to leap bonfires!

I made a vow not to include Merry May Folk for once. Just because I’m obsessed with the song doesn’t mean everyone is. I was really tempted to include a Jonathan Coulton song (you know which one) but decided to keep it PG.

13. Madonna – Like A Prayer

No one exemplifies the intersection of sex and religion in mainstream music better than Madonna.

12. Spiral Rhythm – Freedom

This is such a powerful anthem. I love it.

11. The Wicker Man Soundtrack – Gently Johnny

This should always be performed with Lord Summerisle’s monologue in the midst of it.

10. Divinyls – I Touch Myself

Seriously, no other song reflects the irreverent innuendo of the Beltane season.

9. The Wicker Man  Soundtrack – Fire Leap

This scene from the movie is one of my favorites, where Lord Summerisle is explaining the mythic worldview to Sgt. Howie.

8. Damh the Bard- The Worship of Trees

Not only is this a great song, it’s fun to see Damh rock out like this.

7. Emerald Rose – Red Haired Mary

I swore I wouldn’t use Merry May Folk, which is pretty much a perfect song for anything Pagan, so here is another ER song that captures the season.

6. The Wicker Man Soundtrack – Summerisle Song

They do love their divinity lessons.

5. Gaia Consort – Beltane Fires

How can you not want to dance to this?

4. Emerald Rose – Freya, Shakti

This was the first ER song I fell in love with, and it still speaks of the sacred to me.

3. Damh the Bard – Green and Grey

This is one of those songs I could put on repeat for an hour.

2. Green Crown – Witches Reel

The oldest known song associated with Witchcraft, this song was preserved in Scottish Witch trial records. I love Green Crown and hope they re-release their music sometime soon.

1. Loreena McKennit – The Mummer’s Dance (Ever After remix)

I think not absolutely adoring this song might be cause to get your Pagan card revoked.

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